Battle of the Bots pt. 2

In the Battle of the Bots series I will compare the performances of various bots. The monthly results of three series of battles between three bots of different botcreators will be posted for the next year. The goal is to evaluate the bots performance over a longer period of time, both in winning as well as in decreasing crypto currency markets.

In the second battle the following B-bots will compete (all three starting with the letter B).

  • Beetlejuice by The Noogieman: This bot scans 6 different coins being ETH, TRX, ADA, VET, TFUEL and THETA. It uses many different concepts to try to determine the best entry and exit points for trades and uses both stoploss and takeprofit levels. Estimated annual return is 48%. Risk level according to the bots app is 8/12.
  • Dr. Block by Rave before the Machine: This bot only invests in Bitcoin and is a risk spreader using small steps when getting into its asset. Analysis is key, to ensure profits are secured and possible losses are reduces. Testing results over the first half of 2020 show a 46,2% return on investment (ROI). A lower risk bot according to the bots app, 6/12.
  • Botzilla by Hot Bots Team: The behavior of this bot is as assertive and aggressive as the name might suggest according to the botcreator. The bot solely trades in the most liquid and biggest cryptocurrencies. It targets a ROI of 20% per year. The bots app rates it as a mild risk bot with risk level 7/12.

Let’s have a look at the results after the first month of comparing these bots.

Battle of the B-Bots, Beetlejuice, Block and Botzilla

In the chart the blue line represents Beetlejuice, the orange line Dr. Block and the grey line Botzilla. All three bots managed to achieve positive result over the last month. Beetlejuice clearly has the largest risk appetite of the three, gaining most during the altcoin boom starting on Nov. 21 (day 22 in the chart), but falling hardest on ‘correction day’.

Botzilla and Dr. Block have a milder risk appetite, and showed a steady growth over the last month. Botzilla handled the correction of Nov. 26 well, losing only a small part of profits and remained on the sidelines ever since. Dr. Block lost almost its complete profit of the month on Nov. 26, but is the only of the three bots to finish the month at its highest point.

Final score after the first month:

  1. Beetlejuice by The Noogieman : +14,24%
  2. Dr. Block by Rage before the Machine: +5,23%
  3. Botzilla by Hot Bots Team: +4,04%

I will continue to follow the performance of these three bots and report back at the end of december with a new interim score.

Tomorrow the third and last battle in the Battle of the Bots series with three new bots. Let me know if you like the battles, or if you have any tips or requests.

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