Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per November 2020

Again the end of the month so an overview of our trading algorithms on BOTS. November was an excellent month in the crypto markets, so our Boosting Alpha and The Noogieman bots managed to achieve an average return of 14% in November.

The average return per 30 days is again on 5% now. Based on the launch dates of each of the bots and the live trading performance since the launch date, the currently projected Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is about 80% for the trading algorithms.
Only two bots are still in negative territory since launch date.

We calculated for all Boosting Alpha bots and The Noogieman bots whether we are on track to achieve the average returns as coming from the backtests. It looks like we might overachieve the returns that are listed in the bot descriptions. Based on the live trading on all bots and extrapolating those returns to a full year, the average forecasted CAGR on Boosting Alpha bots is 98% and on The Noogieman bots 78%. All in crypto terms.

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