Battle of the Bots pt. 3

In the Battle of the Bots series I will compare the performances of various bots. The monthly results of three series of battles between three bots of different botcreators will be posted for the next year. The goal is to evaluate the bots performance over a longer period of time, both in winning as well as in decreasing crypto currency markets.

In the third battle a long time favorite of many bots-users will compete against two BTC based bots. What difference does the base coin make?

  • JoeDaredevil by Boosting Alpha: This bot invests in 18 high volatility coins, lesser known coins with lower market volumes. Therefore it targets a relatively high profit potential. Estimated annual return is 129%. Risk level according to the bots app is 9/12. Basecoin USDT.
  • CBS (CryptoBaseScanner) by Altrady: The oldest bot on the platform. A unique algorithm that works by automatically analyzing the market history for each available market, checking current prices against previous support levels so that the bot buys low and sells high . Testing results predict a 36% return on investment (ROI). A risky bot according to the bots app, 10/12. Basecoin BTC.
  • DeFi Strategy by Dagobert Buck: The bot focuses on the Top 10 coins in the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a strong emerging submarket within crypto with a lot of growth potential. It targets a ROI of 70% per year. The bots app rates it as a high risk bot with risk level 11/12. Basecoin BTC.

Let’s have a look at the results after the first month of comparing these bots.

Battle of the Bots 3 – results in basecoin

In the chart the blue line represents JoeDaredevil, the orange line DeFi Strategy and the grey line CBS. JoeDaredevil has done a good job gaining more than 10% last month. Because of last months big increase in value of Bitcoin, the BTC based coins are having a hard time trading profitably. It is hard to step into a BTC-pair position with a coin increasing more in value than BTC. The BTC based bots benefit from the growth of BTC in another way, namely through their appreciation in euro.

If we compare euro results instead of basecoin results we see a different chart.

Battle of the Bots 3 – results in euro

Now we see that the BTC based bots CBS (grey line) and DeFi Strategy (orange line) outperform JoeDaredevil (blue line). The rise in value of BTC against the euro, the 15% correction of BTC and the recovery from that correction are clearly visible in the grey and orange price trendlines. JoeDaredevil posted a lesser result in euro than in basecoin because of the rise of the value of euro against USD(T).

Final score after the first month in basecoin:

      1. JoeDaredevil by Boosting Alpha  : +10,85%
      2. CBS by Altrady: +0,06%
      3. DeFi Strategy by Dagobert Buck: -6,05%

Final score after the first month in euro:

      1. CBS by Altrady: +36,07%
      2. DeFi Strategy by Dagobert Buck: +27,75%
      3. JoeDaredevil by Boosting Alpha  : +7,12%

The euro results of BTC based bots depend heavily on the performance of Bitcoin. Buying these bots is a good strategy if you believe in the future of the biggest crypto coin. Because of this dependency, the risk of these bots is higher than of bots based on a stable coin like Tether (USDT). Determine your risk appetite before choosing the bot that suits you best.

I will continue to follow the performance of these three bots and report back at the end of december with a new interim score.

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