Performance of single coin Ethereum and Bitcoin trading-bots update

Two weeks ago I shared the performance of the single coin bots trading Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Bots platform, in a blog post (see link underneath). Today I will share an update with two weeks of additional data.

Performance of single coin Ethereum and Bitcoin trading-bots

Two weeks ago we saw a sharp fall in prices of both Bitcoin as well as Ethereum. As shown in the previous blog some bots handled that correction better than others. In the last two weeks we have seen recovery of prices to previous highs and after that a market that moved sideways to slightly downward in the past days. How did the single coin bots handle this volatility? Let’s first have a look at the Ethereum bots chart.

11-week performance of the single coin Ethereum bots

The grey line represents the Ethereum price. The Ethereum bots are Dr. Spock by botcreator Rave before the Machine (orange line) and Refreshing Grey Mia by Agga Technologies (blue line). The results after eleven weeks are (results two weeks ago):

  • Ethereum: +58,45% (+39,5%)
  • Refreshing Grey Mia: -1,22% (-9,76%)
  • Dr. Spock: -12,05% (-11,15%)

Compared to two weeks ago Ethereum coin has shown an increasing outperfromance to the bots gaining almost 19%. Refreshing Grey Mia gained 8,5% in the same period, while Dr. Spock fell almost an additional 1%.

Next up the Bitcoin bots. Let’s have a look at the chart.

9-week performance of the single coin BTC bots

Bitcoin (lightblue line) is traded by four single coin bots. Himalaya (orange line) by Boosting Alpha, Dr. Block (grey line) and it’s sibling Dr. Block 2 (yellow line) by Rave before the Machine and Sweet Orange Mia (dark blue line) by Agga Technologies. The results over the last 9 weeks are (compared to results over 7 weeks):

  • Bitcoin: +72,33% (+56,3%)
  • Himalaya: +28,82% (+11,6%)
  • Dr. Block 2: +27,88% (+20,6%)
  • Dr. Block: +19,03% (14%)
  • Sweet Orange Mia: +14,12% (+15,5%)

The nice recovery of Bitcoin to previous all time high levels has been followed by Himalaya, improving from worst performing to best performing Bitcoin bot. Dr. Block 2 shows the same steady growth as before as does Dr. Block. The only bot that didn’t gain compared to two weeks ago is Sweet Orange Mia.

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