Performance of single coin Ethereum and Bitcoin trading-bots update 2

A new bi-weekly update on the performance of the Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto trading bots on the Revenyou Bots platform. This blog adds two weeks of data to the last update found here.

Performance of single coin Ethereum and Bitcoin trading-bots update

Bitcoin has been on an exeptional bullrun rallying more than 45% in value in the past two weeks to more than $28.000. If we compare that run to the performance of the Bitcoin crypto trading bots we see the following results.

Performance Bitcoin and BTC Bots

In percentage (2 weeks ago):

    1. Bitcoin (green line): +154,84% (+72,33%)
    2. Himalaya by botcreator Boosting Alpha (orange line): +50,60% (+28,82%)
    3. Sweet Orange Mia by botcreator Agga Technologies (blue line): +31,63% (+14,12%)
    4. Dr Block 2 by botcreator Rave before the machine (yellow line): +31,62% (+27,88%)
    5. Dr Block by botcreator Rave before the machine (grey line): +25,71% (+19.03%)
  1. Although all bots have been able to add value, the differences are remarkable. Just like in my last blog where I compared the performance of my portfolio of crypto trading bots to a holding portfolio of crypto currency coins, I want to use the Sharpe ratio to help understand the return of the investments compared to their risk. To briefly summarize the usefulness of the ratio:
    • The Sharpe ratio adjusts a portfolio’s past performance for the excess risk that was taken by the investor.
    • A high Sharpe ratio is good when compared to similar portfolios or funds with lower returns.

Comparing the Sharpe ratio’s of Bitcoin and the BTC trading Bots provides a fairer picture of the performance. The results are represented in the following chart.

Sharpe ratio Bitcoin and BTC Bots

A higher Sharpe metric is always better than a lower one because a higher ratio indicates that the portfolio is making better investment decisions and not being swayed by the risk associated with it. Sharpe ratio grading thresholds are commonly interpreted in the following way:

    • <1: Not Good
    • 1 – 1.99: Ok
    • 2 – 2.99: Really Good
    • >3: Exceptional

With Sharpe ratio scores ranging from 2,96 to 4,46 the Bitcoin trading bots have shown very good to exceptional results. Bitcoin however, with a Sharpe ratio of 10, is in a league of its own.

Finally the chart for Ethereum and the ETH trading bots.

Performance of Ethereum and ETH Bots

Ethereum is showing very strong growth in value over the past two weeks. The ETH trading bots show a varied picture. In percentages (2 weeks ago):

    1. Ethereum (grey line): +96,88% (+58,45%)
    2. Refreshing Grey Mia by botcreator Agga Technologies (blue line): +22,70% (-1,22%)
    3. Dr. Spock by botcreator Rave before the machine (orange line): -12,81% (-12,05%)

Refreshing Grey Mia has performed very well and turned its loss into a good profit. Dr. Spock has fallen further and is waiting for an update by the botcreator.

As noted in previous blogs, the crypto trading bots are looking for an outperformance by holding on to accumulated profits in a declining market. So far they have had no chance to do so. I will continue to compare the results of the crypto trading bots to the performance of their coins to see if outperformance is possible in the longer run.

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