Popularity Polls Bots Top-10 in two Risk Classifications

This is the first post about bots “popularity”.  A poll for two, out of three, bot Risk Classifications (RC). In the 3rd Risk Classification, Low (1-4) there are currently now bots available. The Bots Risk Classification (RC) is dynamic and can change over time. For the purpose of Polls this is just an indication.

Although it requires more substance to draw conclusions, it is a good start to know how users value their selected bots.

On the poll-page users can indicate there experience and satisfaction with bots. The bot-strategy should be an important aspects, because this is important to other users. Aspects to take into consideration are: Overall performance, risk versus yield, stability vs volatility, Bots Creator score, availability (=to start) etc.

Bots Popularity Poll. Risk Classification: Average (5-8)

 Risk Classification: Average (5-8)

Total Voters: 31

Bots Popularity Poll. Risk Classification: High (9-12)

Risk Classification: High (9-12)

Total Voters: 33

Total Polls: 2
Total Polls’ Answers: 58
Total Votes Cast: 151
Total Voters: 64

*  The highlighted bots are mine. At the time of this impression.

3 Replies to “Popularity Polls Bots Top-10 in two Risk Classifications”

  1. PS: The Big Friendly.bot is one of my best performing bots. I did not vote for it in this Poll as it is just an easy way to follow the Bitcoin (BTC), and it does not trade as such.

  2. BOT trading still needs your brainpower.
    We all have different investment goals.

    I did not buy at once but instead took some time to inform myself about BOTS using YOUTUBE and the Discord channel.

    My strategy is now clear to me :
    -I select BOTS to give me protection in periods of crypto bear markets. (diminishing downside risk).
    – I use BOTS with a low trade frequency (cost)
    – I use only BOTS with big coins as BTC and ETH.
    – I HODL.(keep them)

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