Battle of the Bots – Final results

Now that Revenyou has come up with their own Bots League (you are welcome for the idea) it is time to publish the final results in my Battle of the Bots league.

In the Battle of the Bots series I have compared the performances of various crypto trading bots (see previous blogs for an explanation and a description of the competing bots. Link at the end of this post). The monthly results of three series of battles between three trading bots of different botcreators could help in deciding which bots or botcreators to choose.

Here are the final results.

Battle of the Bots 1

  1. Top10 Balance 2 bot +163,02%
  2. Sweet Orange Mia bot +63,35%
  3. Power of Pi bot +22,33%

Battle of the Bots 2 (in crypto value)

  1. Joe Daredevil bot +6,36%
  2. DeFi Strategy bot -8,30%
  3. CBS by Altrady bot -26,50%

Because DeFi Strategy bot and CBS by Altrady bot have Bitcoin as their basecoin, and Bitcoin has increased in value over the past three months, these trading bots have increased more in euro value than their USDT based counterparts. USDT (US Dollar stablecoin) has decreased in value compared to the euro.

Battle of the Bots 2 (in euro value)

  1. DeFi Strategy bot +123,42%
  2. CBS by Altrady bot +79,07%
  3. Joe Daredevil bot +2,18%

Battle of the Bots 3

  1. Beetlejuice bot +62,33%
  2. Botzilla bot +5,81%
  3. Dr. Block bot +3,55%

Best crypto trading bots top 3

  1. Top10 Balance 2 bot by Dembots +163,02%
  2. Sweet Orange Mia bot by Agga Technologies +63,35%
  3. Beetlejuice bot by The Noogieman +62,33%

Best euro earning bots top 3

  1. Top10 Balance 2 bot by Dembots +152,79%
  2. DeFi Strategy bot by Dagobert Buck +123,42%
  3. CBS by Altrady bot +79,07%

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