Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per January 2021

The final day of the month so again an overview of the January performance of our trading bots on the BOTS platform. January was one of the most volatile months so far, with the crypto markets acting like a rollercoaster. On average our bots managed to profit from this volatility with an average return of 10,75% but there is a high diversity across the bots.
Two of our bots (Fasten Your Seatbelts and Karpe Diem) managed to profit with almost 100% in January while there also were a number of bots that declined.

Again a good proof that it is always wise to spread your investment across multiple bots. Spreading your investment across multiple bots is free in the BOTS app, so it is stupid if you do not use it.

Also for the crypto fund service business we are building up now, it is quite nice. The average performance of our bots has been positive in all months so far, with only a small decline in September 2020. Since this type of business is 100% performance related, this ensures a relatively stable income.

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