Popularity Polls Bots Top-15, with over 200 user-ratings

Our first Bots Top-10 in two Risk Classifications is dated 28 December 2020. This is our Bots Popularity Polls Top-15, based on over 200 validated user-ratings.

This is the second post about bots “popularity”. Again a poll for two, out of three, Risk Classifications (RC). In the 3rd RC, Low (1-4), there are currently now bots available. The Bots Risk Classification is dynamic and can change over time. For the purpose of Polls the RC is just one of the aspects to be judged.

Whereas in the first blog-post I wrote that it requires more substance to draw conclusions. At this point in we can draw conclusions about the Bot popularity and how the selected bots are valued by the inverters.
That investor may be you. New-comers thank you for your input.

On the poll-page users can indicate there experience and satisfaction with bots. The bot-strategy should be an important aspects, because this is important to all users. Aspects to take into consideration are: Overall performance, risk versus yield, stability vs volatility, Bots Creator score, availability (=to start) etc.
Do not forget that you can re-issue you votes at any time.  In principle the “Poll” is always actual.

Bots Popularity Poll. RC: Average (5-8)

Bots Popularity Polls Top-15, with over 200 user-ratings.

Total Voters: 100 

Bots Popularity Poll. RC: High (9-12)

Bots Popularity Polls Top-15, with over 200 user-ratings.

Total Voters: 106

Total Polls: 2
Total Polls’ Answers: 68
Total Votes Cast: 407
Total Voters: 205

*  The highlighted bots are mine. At the time of this impression. Answers is the number of Bots.

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