Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per February 2021

February was the best month for our trading bots since the start. Our bots managed to generate an average monthly return of 52% while Bitcoin (BTC) only went up with 38% and Ether (ETH) with 7%. Almost all of our bots managed to reduce / avoid the 20% drawdown in crypto that happened in the last week of February.

Another testimony that our bots work well both in bull and bear markets. This results table is based on the results as seen in the BOTS App on our own account.
Your results are dependent on when you started investing in those bots and the moment you entered with those bots into new trades.
Once you start investing in any bot, you will have to wait until the bot opens a new trade (i.e. you do not enter open trades that are open at the moment you are joining the bot).

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha

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