Dashboard: Bots-comparison tool

A Bots-comparison Dashboard as a additional portfolio management facility.

Although the current version of the BOTS-App has many  features related to portfolio management and performance, it is not an easy task to select the best bots for your purpose.

For this reason we have introduced a “Bots-comparison Dashboard”  1The Category will not work on all non-touchscreen..

Bots-comparison Dashboard
Bots-comparison Dashboard

The purpose is to give better insight in the overall bots performance and compare the performance between other bots and the comparison with crypto-coins rates.
In this way you will better be able to select the bots most suited for your goals, risk and performance.

Use this dashboard in combinatie with other bots properties and characteristics as found via the Tables-Quadrant  and the Purchase Checklist.


The use of the Dashboard is obvious with regard to switches and options and it is almost intuitive in its use.

The last year-period is very poor overall for all Crypto, both Bitcoin and Altcoins. Only a handful of Bots is able to hold its value or even make a profit.

By using the BI-Dashboard (trabo) you can sort e.g on 3M, 6M or even 1Year to show the best performing bots during this period and these marked conditions.

This is just one example how to use the BI-Dashboard (trabo.io).

A quick overview of validation aspects to be aware of can be found in Classes, Types of BOTS,  when selecting and spreading Bots for your portfolio.

Thanks go to Tom for this Dashboard BI-contribution.

Piet, BI.

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    The Category will not work on all non-touchscreen.

To The Moon (TT) trading-Bots performance per April 2022

To The Moon (TT) trading-Bots performance per April 2022

Team To The Moon (TT)

One week later due to holiday. Overall (as we all might know) April was a very tough month for crypto. Bitcoin dropped about 17.3% and some other altcoins (like Cardano: -33.8%) performed even worse… This also reflects some of our bot results. Overall our bots suffered a loss of 15.5%. Off course, the biggest losses are shown in the bots with BTC basecoin.

Most of our bots only tried one or maybe two trades, therefore they were able to reduce the losses compared to BTC and other cryptocurrencies. But I’d like to focus on the three bots that really underperformed:

  • Spicy.Mama.Loves.Btc.b0t uses some sort of DCA technique to buy ADA. Because ADA is in a longterm downtrend, it closely follows ADA for those who invested in this bot a couple of months ago.
  • LNV.ToTheMoonRaker had two very bad trades in DOGE, in which the bot expected that the pump of this coin would last longer than just one day.
  • LNV.LicenceToThrill suffered a loss because of two bad trades in ADA and then got out of this traded sold ADA for BTC

We hope for better months in cryptoland!

Team To The Moon (TT).

Find ID “TT” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.

Team Kronos trading-Bots performance per April 2022

Kronos logo

The major coins had a bad month. Both BTC and ETH went down around 17%.
Most bots did something similar and the opportunistic bots went down even more. That’s because these bots are prepared to take some risk not to miss the rise of the market. But there was no rise.

As soon as the market will really go up, these bots will make great profits, as you can see in the
backend testing results of the teasers. However, nobody knows when the market will go up again.

On the other hand you have the careful bots. They were able to make profits or keep the losses to a
minimum. In bad times, these bots are your best choice.

PDF:  Kronos performance April 2022.

PS: Note that most careful bots are not live yet. I have asked Bots.io to put them live asap.

Team Kronos.

Find ID “KS” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.

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