To The Moon (TT) trading-Bots performance per May 2022

Team To The Moon (TT)

Again we’ve suffered a very tough month. Bitcoin dropped about 15.5% and Ethereum dropped about 28.8%. Furthermore, we all heard the story about LUNA (-99.99%).

Our LNV bots unfortunately made some attempts to enter the market when it looked like the market was recovering. Bots that were exposed to ETH were hit the most this month. Bots from the “Mama”-series will be fully exposed in a long lasting downtrend, because these series use some sort of a DCA strategy and will only (slowly) exit the market on the way up. These bots (and BTC based bots) will immediately gain good returns in better months in cryptoland.
LNV.BuyAnotherDay managed to gain a small profit (1.2%) during this horrible month.

Let’s hope the other bots will follow next month.

Team To The Moon (TT).

Find ID “TT” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.

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