Boosting Alpha (BA) trading-Bots performance June 2022

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Update over the month of June from the Boosting Alpha team (brands Boosting Alpha, The Noogieman, Dagobert Buck, Team Dakar, Illuminati).

The month of June was again a bear month in the crypto market. While some trading bots managed to achieve a positive performance in June (in basecoin terms), the average decline was -4,27%. Since the month of June closed off the first half year of 2022, I also ranked the trading bots on their overall performance over the first 6 months of 2022.

And the BIG surprise- we had 6 trading bots which managed to achieve a positive performance over H1 2022 while we all know that the crypto market was very bearish in H1 2022.

Overall the average decline over H1 2022 across all of our trading bots was -17,79%, primarily caused by the rebalancing/HODL and some of the high-risk trading bots. Overall, across their lifetime, the average return across all of our trading bots is still +50,22% since the start of the individual trading bots.

In the top 10 list of the most popular trading bots on the BOTS platform, 9 trading bots out of the top 10 are owned by the Boosting Alpha team.
Thanks to all users for their continued confidence in our trading algorithms.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha.

Find ID “BA” (DB, II, TD, TN )  in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.

2 Replies to “Boosting Alpha (BA) trading-Bots performance June 2022”

  1. Can you please share the positions of HODL 35 and 40?
    Both have the same allocation this time.
    DOGEUSDT: 80 %
    VETUSDT: 15 %
    SNXUSDT: 2 %
    XEMUSDT: 2 %

  2. Top 35 is:
    DOGEUSDT: 32 %
    VETUSDT: 31 %
    CELRUSDT: 15 %
    ETCUSDT: 2 %
    XLMUSDT: 2 %
    FILUSDT: 1 %
    IOTAUSDT: 1 %
    EOSUSDT: 1 %

    Top 40 is:
    DOGEUSDT: 46 %
    CELRUSDT: 21 %
    ETCUSDT: 3 %
    XLMUSDT: 3 %
    EOSUSDT: 2 %
    WAVESUSDT: 1 %
    FILUSDT: 1 %
    IOTAUSDT: 1 %
    THETAUSDT: 1 %
    LINKUSDT: 1 %
    DOTUSDT: 1 %

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