Team Kronos (KS) trading-Bots performance per November 2022

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And then there was the crash of FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and before the
incident, one of the most trusted. It had an immediate effect on the value of FTT, because the added
value of FTT is receiving discount fees on the FTX platform. The value of FTT vaporized in a few

Unfortunately quite some bots were impacted by it, because they had a (partial) position in FTT. As
historical analysis shows that panic sells are (almost) never good, this was clearly the exception to
the rule. The result you can see in the PDF below. Nemesis was hit hardest. The bots that were not in FTT,
showed good results though.

PDF: Kronos November 2022.

Team Kronos.

Find ID “KS” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.



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