BOTS Importante announcement 12 april 2023

Dear community members,

Many things have happened in the past year that have affected our business in some ways. The war and increasing regulation have made it difficult for stock trading and sentiment towards crypto are uncertain. In addition, all markets are uncertain, which has had an effect on BOTS. Unfortunately, we have had to suspend some activities and developments due to these circumstances.

In 2021, raising investment was a great success story, and we felt that with the help of Arma Partners we could get an investment of 100 million and our company was valued at 1 billion. Unfortunately, the changes in the world have meant that funding has not materialized and that we are now in a difficult position.


We therefore have to cut costs considerably and we gradually have to reduce the workforce from 150 to 20 people. We have reduced costs, and with the goal of scraping 70% of all costs. Unfortunately, this also means that we have to stop our work within the community. This includes the Love Program, moderators/ambassadors and our presence on Discord. We will only partially monitor the community in the background. In the coming period, we will only work at a leisurely pace on a stable and simple app with profitable Bots.
The server will continue to exist and we will be making changes in the coming weeks to accommodate this. Among other things, the Love Program will stop and the support channel be closed.

We regret that we had to make this decision, but we will continue to focus on the app and work towards a better future.
For that future, we have started again with crowdfunding. We want to conquer the UK market there via the English Seedrs. The company has a following of about 800,000 people interested in fintech. The crowdfunding will be live from the beginning of April.
So if you also want to participate, please register via this link and become part of BOTS. Together we can shape and further develop the future of Bots.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to our community. We would also like to express our special thanks to Sven, the moderators and the ambassadors who have devotedly led and supported our community. Your contribution has been invaluable and we are grateful for your hard work and dedication.

Team BOTS!
BOTS.IO | Seedrs

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  1. It’s a pity that this was necessary but it was to be expected. The growth was to quick and several things were done right but also some were done NOT right. For instance I didn’t understood sponsoring rally cars and music festivals. Also the financials were not always in order meaning short time financing without a proper back-up. Also a long time no CFO was present assuring stability and being able to match financing terms in time. Last but not least, not always was listened to bots users with their time after time requested suggestions!!

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