The Bots Institute Tables-Quadrant + shows what is the nucleus of the Bots information on this website. The tables can be found under the menu-options: Tips and Technology. Or go directly by opening the related page-links below. All table-pages are dynamic and will show different from the impression below.


Bot Creators Popularity
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Creator BOT-Names

Bots Institute Tables-Quadrant

Selection & Spreading

Bot Creators

Multiple names representations

Apart of the Poll tables, all Quadrant tables are very flexible and versatile. You can change the rows per page, viewing only a certain number of rows at a time. Use the table search-box to filter or search the table. Only rows with the search word in them are shown. You can easily sort all highlighted table columns.

Tables: Creator Popularity Polls

These Bots Popularity Polls are now overruled by actual and possibly, historical data.
Go To:  Bots-comparison Dashboard.

The Bots Creator Popularity Poll page is where users can indicate how they experience the Creator and what they find important aspects of their bots-strategy and Creators Popularity.

Table: Creator BOT-Names

The table on this page lists the Bots Creators and their BOTS-Names, the type of bot, typified/classified and additional remarks, more or less importante,  can be included. The latter may be updated over time.

Table: Selection & Spreading

Although there are more aspects to take into inconsideration, Selection & Spreading shows the most important two: The Base Coin and the Crypto Coin or Coins, wherein the BOT trades. Make sure to understand the importance of the Base Coin. Although the BOTS have a Risk Classification (RC), it  is  dynamic and can change over time. From our experience: selects the most applicable trading-strategies for your goal and targets with the best performance.

Table: Bot Creators

The Bot Creators-page lists all Creators and when available  additional information and a BOT-Creator website-link.

For completeness also see the Creator Multiple names representations table.


More info:  Newcomer, Beginner approach to (RevenYOU) BOTS.

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