Multiple name representations

In the BOTS-App the Bot Creator name may have multiple representations. In this table you find all possible name representations for bots with more than one single name. This is something to be aware of when searching, comparing or starting cq purchasing a bot.

These are mistakes (sloppy) by the Creator, that are hard to correct, nor to control by BOTS.

IDCreator on BI#RepresentationRemarks
ABAgga Team Bots1Team Agga Technologies
2Team Agga
3Team Agga + Blank space
4Team agga
ATAltrady1Altrady BV
2Altrady BV, Netherlands
3Team Altrady, Holland
APAncient Power Team1Team Ancient Power
2Team Ancient Power+ Blank space
BABoosting Alpha1Boosting Alpha
2Boosting Alpha BV
3Boosting Alpha, Netherlands
BSBOTS originals1BOTS originals
2BOTS Originals
2DutchQuantCollectives+ Blank space
FTFluctus Technologies1Fluctus Technologies
2Fluctus Technologies B.V.
HLHold the Line1Hold the Line
2Hold the line
KSKronos 1Kronos
2Team Kronos
LQLaika and the Quants1Laika and the Quants
PUPumpItUp Inc.1PumpItUp Inc.
TQTeam QVA Trading BV1Team QVA Trading BV
2Team QVA Trading BV, Amsterdam
TMThe Machinist1The Machinist
2The Machinist+ Blank space
TNThe Noogieman1The Noogieman
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