Related Services

This page lists services used to enable the Internet BOTS-Platform, more or less visible to end-users.
For development services see the BOTS-Creator page.
Click here for the IT-infrastructure-platform page.

Payment Services

  • pay.
    BOTS service for euro2crypto and crypto2euro. Both are  services delivered by BOTS Hungary.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) service.

 Infrastructure Services

  • You need a smartphone with either the Mac (App Store) or Android (Google Play) operating system.
  • BEM Server
    Bot Execution machine (BNF API).
  • Cloudflare (and Firebase)
    The foundation for infrastructure, applications, and teams.
  • InfluxDB
    A open-source time series database.
  • The trade platform is currently limited to the Binance  exchange.

BOTS Platform Infrastructure and Services

Looking at this picture and realizing the Internet network-traffic required to accomplish a complete business transaction, a sub-second response-time may not always be feasible.

BOTS Platform Infrastructure and Services
BOTS Platform Infrastructure and Services is a complex environment based on Internet and Technology.
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