BOTS-comparison Dashboard

Comparison Dashboard for RevenYOU BOTS. See help here.
*) The Dashboard may not fit all Smartphone settings.

A one time “Signup” registration for the BOTS-Dashboard (on, is not required but will enable additional function and performance enhancements.

Dashboard V2.1
Dashboard V2.1

Define what “a good bot” is, so you can choose some bots most suited for you. In general terms, a good bot is one that holds on to profits in stable and falling (bear)markets and makes profits in rising (bull)markets.  Of course the best bots make profit in all markets!

The most relevant or obvious spreading criteria 1 of BOTS.

Use the Tips and Terms & Concepts in addition to the Creator Popularity Polls and in combination with the selection criteria below and BOT-Names in the Comparison Dashboard .

In practice the Basecoin is currently limited to  Binance BNB (Binance Coin) and BUSD BUSD (Binance USD) , Bitcoin BTC (Bitcoin), EtheriumETH (Etherium), Tether USDT (Tether), USDC USDC (USD Coin) and a single Uwezocoin UWC (Uwezocoin) bot.

*) The Category will not work on all non-touchscreen.

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