Creator BOT-Names

This table lists the Bots Creators and their BOTS. The type of bot is typified/classified and additional remarks can be included.

Use this information in combination with Selection & Spreading and Bots Popularity Polls to determine your BOTS selection.

For Bot Creator information, blog articles and websites see Bot Creators.

In all cases "?" = don't know. Not in the bot description. In many cases a question mark means this is the secret of the Bot-Creator.
Buy and hold = "b&h" = Dumbbot. + or ++ intelligent HOLD. Find all Withdrawn.

ID CreatorBot Name
Trading TypeRemarks
ABAgga Team BotsAffluent AmyMultiple Coins
AB⊗Alternative AylaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AB⊗Brilliant BellaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AB⊗Colossal CocoMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
ABCool Blue MiaSingle Coin
ABDark Yellow MiaSingle Coin
AB⊗Dogey DivaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AB⊗Dominant DoraMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AB⊗Flourishing FionaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
ABGigantic GaiaMultiple Coins
ABHopeful HeidiMultiple Coins
AB⊗Innovative IvyMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AB⊗Institutional IsaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
ABMama MiaMultiple Coins
ABManticoreMultiple Coins
ABPegasusMultiple Coins
AB⊗Networking NoraMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AB⊗Original OliviaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
ABPitch Black MiaSingle Coin
AB⊗Powerful PollyMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
ABRefreshing Grey MiaSingle Coin
ABRotating RosaMultiple CoinsTop 100
AB⊗Rising RubiMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
ABSparkling Sapphire MiaSingle Coin
AB⊗SuperNovaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
ABSweet Orange MiaSingle Coin
AB⊗Tiny TinaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AB⊗Unknown UmiMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
ABTVL TenMultiple Coins
ABWeb3 TenMultiple Coins
ABWonderful WandaMultiple Coins
ATAlgolandAAA EthereumSingle Coin
ATAltradyBNB BigSwing.botMultiple Coins
ATCBS by Altrady BVMultiple Coins
ATCBS Big Swing.botMultiple Coins
ATCBS HighYield.botMultiple Coins
ATCBS low riskMultiple Coins
ATCBS MildETH.botSingle Coin
ATCBS MildUSDT.botMultiple Coins
ATCBS USDSwing.botMultiple Coins
ATConservative CBSMultiple Coins
ATEthereum.botSingle CoinDay Trader
ATReven.botMultiple Coins
ATSmartRevenU.botMultiple Coins
APAncient Power TeamAncient BabylonianMultiple Coins
APAncient CelticMultiple Coins
APAncient GreekMultiple Coins
APAncient MayanMultiple Coins
APAncient RomanMultiple Coins
APAncient SpartanMultiple Coins
APAncient TemplarMultiple Coins
AAAtama AIAI Deep BitcoinSingle Coin
AA⊗AI Deep Bitcoin 1Single CoinWithdrawn
AMAtmos⊗Alien currencyMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AM⊗HyperdriveMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AM⊗Intergalactic NetworkMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AM⊗InterstellarMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AM⊗Mother EarthMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AM⊗NebulaMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AM⊗PolestarMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AM⊗QuasarMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AM⊗Red GiantMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
AMScorpioMultiple Coins
AM⊗Solar SystemMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
BOBambooCosmos tenMultiple CoinsATOM Cosmos
BODefi TenMultiple Coins
BOExchange TenMultiple Coins
BOFirst FiftyMultiple Coins
BOInbound FiftyMultiple Coins
BOMeta TenMultiple Coins
BOProof of Stake TenMultiple Coins
BOTen out of TenMultiple Coins
BTBEY TradingEthereum 3Multiple CoinsRebalance top 3
BTGlobal 5Multiple CoinsRebalance top 5
BTGlobal 10Multiple CoinsRebalance top 10
BTMacro Moves BNBSingle Coin
BTMacro Moves ETHSingle Coin
BGBrideGap TradingClassic Index BotMultiple Coins
BLBloqtec⊗A candle says moreSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗Advanced Grid TraderSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗Apex AnalyserSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗At the topSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗Bollinger Band TraderSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗Have a momentumSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗Smart gridSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗Special Cuvee BrutSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗Time Anlysis botSingle CoinWithdrawn
BL⊗Wait and seeSingle CoinWithdrawn
BABoosting AlphaAll You NeedMultiple Coins
BABob6.botMultiple Coins
BACasino RoyaleMultiple Coins
BA Go2Moon.botMultiple Coins
BA Fasten Your SeatbeltsMultiple Coins
BAGold high riskMultiple CoinsGold member
BAGold low riskMultiple CoinsGold member
BAGold medium riskMultiple CoinsGold member
BAHimalaya.botSingle Coin
BAHODL the bottle top 3Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 5Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 8Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 10Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 15Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 20Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 25Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 30Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 35Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAHODL the bottle top 40Portfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold++
BAJoeDaredevil.botMultiple Coins
BAL0ra5.botMultiple Coins
BAPlatinum high riskMultiple CoinsPlatinum member
BAPlatinum low riskMultiple CoinsPlatinum member
BAPlatinum medium riskMultiple CoinsPlatinum member
BAPower of Pi Multi Coin 1Multiple Coins
BAPower of Pi Multi Coin 2Multiple Coins
BAPower of Pi Multi Coin 3Multiple Coins
BAPower of Pi Multi Coin 4Multiple Coins
BAPower of Pi Multi Coin 5Multiple Coins
BAThe Power of PiMultiple Coins
BATops and BottomsMultiple Coins
BEbotje.aiBlack BunnySingle Coin
BEBlue BunnySingle Coin
BSBOTS originalsNew Year BotMultiple Coins
BBBotsWithBenefits.comBB High Impact MixMultiple CoinsDay Trader
BB⊗BB High Impact Mix HRMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
BBBB Solid ChoiceMultiple CoinsDay Trader
BBBB Solid Choice HRMultiple CoinsDay Trader
BBNinja AvalancheMultiple CoinsDay Trader
BBNinja GreenMultiple CoinsDay Trader
BBNinja GreyMultiple CoinsDay Trader
BBNinja NFTMultiple CoinsDay Trader
BBNinja WhiteMultiple CoinsDay Trader
BBNinja YellowMultiple CoinsDay Trader
CDCrypdogs FangMultiple Coins
CSMishkaSingle Coin
CSCryptoSittersAngry ToddlerSingle Coin
DBDagobert BuckChampagneSingle Coin
DBDeFi StrategyMultiple Coins
DBGoing to MarsSingle Coin
DBScroogeSingle Coin
DBSmall Coins 1Multiple Coins
DBSmall Coins 2Multiple Coins
DBSmall Coins 3Multiple Coins
DBSmall Coins 4Multiple Coins
DBSurfing Big CoinsMultiple Coins
DBThunderbirdMultiple Coins
DT   By Christos Ame No UzumeMultiple Coins
DTArtemisMultiple Coins
DTBalderMultiple Coins
DTFriggMultiple Coins
DTHeimdallMultiple Coins
DTHephaestusMultiple Coins
DTHestiaMultiple Coins
DTKagu TsuchiMultiple Coins
DTOdinMultiple Coins
DTOmoikaneMultiple Coins
DTTakemikazuchiMultiple Coins
DT   By Damjan ADA.lovelaceSingle Coin
DT   By Ed ⊗PantherMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
DT   By Joost BlipeSingle Coin
DT   By Lennard ⊗BuzzardSingle CoinWithdrawn
DTHODLbot ProMultiple Coins
DTOspreySingle Coin
DT⊗OwlSingle CoinWithdrawn
DTTrendRiderMultiple Coins
DTTrendSurferMultiple Coins
DT⊗VultureSingle CoinWithdrawn
DT   By Charles Nenner Nenner predicts BTCSingle Coin
DTNenner predicts ETHSingle Coin
DTTrend WalkerMultiple Coins
DT   By Team Cutter SteamboatMultiple CoinsLeague winner - 3de
DT   By Teun FlowerpowerMultiple Coins
DTGreen GrassMultiple Coins
DEDembots Top5 Balance.botPortfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold+
DETop10 Balance2.botPortfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold+
DETop10 Balance2.botPortfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold+
DETop20 Balance.botPortfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold+
DETop30 Balance.botPortfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold+
DEUnderdog Top5 Balance.botPortfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold+
DEUnderdog Top10 Balance.botPortfolio HODL RebalanceBuy and Hold+
DQDutchQuantCollectivesBack2theFuturesMultiple Coins
DQBTC BlasterSingle Coin
DQBTC BoosterSingle Coin
DQDynamic rebalanceTop 5 MCap+Portfolio Rebalance
DQFuture in the starsMultiple Coins
DQFutures2themoonMultiple Coins
DQFuturistic.botMultiple Coins
DQKingoftheFutureMultiple Coins
DQOptimal mixTop 5 MCap+Portfolio Rebalance
DQSmart portfolioTop 5 MCap+Portfolio Rebalance
DQThe Future is YoursMultiple Coins
FTFluctus TechnologiesApolloMultiple CoinsTop 20
FTEverestMultiple Coins
FTFluctusMultiple Coins
FTIbisMultiple Coins
FTK2Multiple Coins
FTLhotseMultiple Coins
FTMakaluMultiple Coins
FTPrometheusMultiple CoinsTop 15
FTTaurusSingle Coin
FTUrsaSingle Coin
FTVitulusMultiple Coins
FTVulpesSingle Coin
HLHold the LineADA.2th.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLBCH.2th.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLBNB.2the.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLDOT.2the.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLEOS.2th.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLETH.2th.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLLINK.2th.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLLTC.2th.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLOnly the Classics Top 10Multiple CoinsPortfolio Rebalance
HLRising Stars Top 5Multiple Coins
HLUNI.2the.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HLXRP.2the.moonSingle CoinBuy and Hold
HBHot BotsBotzilla.botMultiple Coins
HBDas.Bot Multiple Coins
IIIlluminatiConspiracySingle Coin
IICrusadeSingle Coin
IIDeus-ExMultiple CoinsPortfolio Rebalance
IIParanoidSingle Coin
IIRelativity Theory30 to 80Multiple CoinsIndex Fund top30-80
IIRelativity Theory 80Multiple CoinsRelativity Theory 80
IISpartacusMultiple Coins
IDInflation Defense TeamGold Bitcoin BotPaxos Gold+Bitcoin
IDReal Gold BotPaxos Gold
KSKronosApollo 2Single Coin
KSAlcmeneMultiple Coins
KSEpaphusMultiple Coins
KSErosSingle Coin
KSEurydiceMultiple Coins
KSFortune HeRoMultiple Coins
KSHephaistosMultiple Coins
KSHeraclesMultiple Coins
KSHermesMultiple Coins
KSHypnosMultiple Coins
KSInachusMultiple Coins
KSGaiaMultiple Coins
KSGigantesMultiple Coins
KSNemesisMultiple Coins
KSPallasMultiple Coins
KSTitansMultiple Coins
KSTyphonMultiple Coins
ITIQ TradingDionysosMultiple Coins
LQLaika and the QuantsAtlantis-IMultiple Coins
LQAvalanche IndexMultiple CoinsRebalancer Avalanche Ecosystem
LQBinance Ecosystem TrendBotMultiple Coins
LQBinance IndexMultiple CoinsRebalancer Avalanche Ecosystem
LQClean.Energy.Crypto.PortfolioMultiple Coins ETFPortfolio Rebalance (renamed)
LQClean Energy TrendBotMultiple Coins ETF
LQCuriosityMultiple Coins
LQData IndexMultiple Coins
LQData.Storage.Crypto.PortfolioMultiple Coins Portfolio Rebalance
LQData Storage TrendBotMultiple Coins
LQDefi Contracts TrendbotMultiple Coins
LQDeFi Pulse IndexMultiple Coins
LQDeFi.Crypto.PortfolioMultiple Coins ETFPortfolio Rebalance (renamed)
LQDiscovery-IMultiple Coins
LQdEX trendbotMultiple Coins
LQEnterprise-IMultiple Coins
LQEnergiaMultiple Coins
LQEthereum Ecosystem TrendbotMultiple Coins
LQFantom IndexMultiple Coins
LQGovernance IndexMultiple Coins
LQGovernance TrendbotMultiple Coins
LQGameFi IndexMultiple Coins
LQGameFi TrendbotMultiple Coins
LQ⊗Hype.Crypto.PortfolioMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
LQLAIKA 3Multiple CoinsPortfolio Rebalance
LQLAIKA 5Multiple CoinsPortfolio Rebalance
LQLAIKA 10Multiple CoinsPortfolio Rebalance
LQIoT.Crypto.PortfolioMultiple CoinsPortfolio Rebalance
LQIoT TrendBotMultiple Coins
LQNEAR IndexMultiple Coins
LQNFT.Crypto.PortfolioMultiple Coins ETF NFTPortfolio Rebalance (renamed)
LQNFT TrendBotMultiple Coins ETF NFTPortfolio Rebalance
LQOpportunityMultiple Coins
LQPerseveranceMultiple Coins
LQPolkadot IndexMultiple Coins
LQPolygon Ecosystem TrendbotMultiple Coins
LQPolygon IndexMultiple Coins Rebalancer Polygon
LQSmart Contracts TrendbotMultiple Coins
LQSmart.Contracts.Crypto.PortfolioMultiple Coins Portfolio Rebalance
LQSolana IndexMultiple Coins
LQSports IndexMultiple Coins
LQSputnikMultiple Coins
LQThe Ukraine BotMultiple Coins Fees donated
LQVostokMultiple Coins
LGLambda GroupLambda.Base Drive
Multiple Coins
LGLambda.Circle BackMultiple Coins
LGLambda.Conservative BoxMultiple Coins
LGLambda.Deep DiveMultiple Coins
MWMaxwell, James ClerkNoetherCurrentSingle Coin
MSMighty Soups⊗Brain SoupMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
MSCandy SoupMultiple Coins
MSCarrot SoupSingle Coin
MSDentist SoupMultiple Coins
MSHeal SoupMultiple Coins
MSKnight SoupMultiple Coins
MSMoon SoupMultiple Coins
MS⊗Superhero SoupMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
MSTechno SoupMultiple Coins
OTOne Button TradingHorizon v5 BTCSingle Coin
OTHorizon v5 ETHSingle Coin
PAPanaderosP0ngMultiple CoinsApx 50 coins
PMPlanet of the MonkeysAbuMultiple CoinsDonated to Stichting AAP
PMBigNoseMonkeyMultiple CoinsDonated to Stichting AAP
PMDonkeyKongMultiple CoinsDonated to Stichting AAP
PMKingKongMultiple CoinsDonated to Stichting AAP
PMRafikiMultiple CoinsDonated to Stichting AAP
PUPumpItUp Inc.BullTracker.BTCSingle Coin
PUBullTracker.ETHSingle Coin
PU⊗Buy The BearMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
PUBuy The Bear V2Multiple Coins
PU⊗EliteMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
PUSparrowMultiple Coins
QAThe Quant ArmyEthereumXMultiple Coins
RMRave Before The MachineDr. BlockMultiple Coins
RMDr. Block 2Multiple Coins
RMDr. GoldMultiple Coins
RMDr. SilverMultiple Coins
RMDr. SpockMultiple Coins
SASeismic ActivityEtnaSingle Coin
SAEyjafjallajökullSingle Coin
SAHope FaultSingle Coin
SAKlyuchevskaya SopkaSingle Coin
SASan Andreas FaultSingle Coin
SATectonic ShiftSingle Coin
SAVesuviusSingle Coin
SPThe Swing ProphetsBe a bit adventurousSingle Coin
SPSwinging through the etherSingle Coin
SPRippin it onSingle Coin
SWSwarm ai⊗Aut0b0t.botV2Single CoinWithdrawn
SWB0tfath3r.botMultiple Coins
TDTeam DrakarTim.botMultiple Coins
TDTom.botMultiple Coins
TFTeam Flex Nederland⊗Ethereum botSingle CoinWithdrawn
TQTeam QVAHop On Hop OffMultiple Coins
TQReady for take offMultiple Coins
TQThe Big Friendly.botSingle CoinBuy and Hold
TRTeam RYFENAltcoin maxMultiple CoinsTop 50
TRAvalanche max HFMultiple Coins
TRBinance maxSingle Coin
TRBitcoin maxSingle Coin
TRBitcoin vs EthereumMultiple Coins
TRCardano maxSingle Coin
TRChainlink maxSingle Coin
TREthereum maxSingle Coin
TRNEAR max HFMultiple Coins
TRPolkadot maxSingle Coin
TRPolygon maxSingle Coin
TRSolana maxSingle Coin
TR⊗Uniswap maxSingle CoinWithdrawn
TTTeam To The MoonHot.BBKing.Loves.Btc.b0tSingle CoinLeague winner - 1de
TTHot.Mama.Loves.Btc.b0tSingle Coin
TTLNV.BuyAnotherDayMultiple Coins
TTLNV.DiamondHandsAreForeverMultiple Coins
TTLNV.GoldenCoinSingle Coin
TTLNV.LicenceToThrillMultiple Coins
TTLNV.NoTimeToBuyMultiple Coins
TTLNV.ToTheMoonRakerMultiple Coins
TTLNV.YouOnlyBuyTwiceMultiple Coins
TTMild.BBKing.b0tSingle Coin
TTMild.Mama.b0tSingle Coin
TTMild.Mama.Eth.b0tSingle Coin
TT⊗MultiCoin.BBKing.Top5CoinsMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
TTSpicy.Mama.Loves.Btc.b0tSingle Coin
TLTempus LogicDelta1Single Coin
TKThe Double Knot⊗Baba the BuffaloMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
TK⊗Benno the BuffaloMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
TK⊗Brad the BuffaloSingle CoinWithdrawn
TKBruno the BuffaloSingle Coin
TMThe MachinistChainXChangeMultiple Coins
TM⊗Cr4fty Carri4geMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
TMIncr3mental TrailwaySingle Coin
TMInterCity.LTISingle Coin
TM⊗M0untain TrailMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
TMSnow plowerMultiple Coins
TM⊗Sprinter.LTISingle CoinWithdrawn
TMCoin ConductorMultiple Coins
TM⊗Tunnels and HillsSingle CoinWithdrawn
TNThe NoogiemanAction BabeMultiple Coins
TNBeetlejuiceMultiple Coins
TNBreak the bankMultiple Coins
TNElon PowerSingle Coin
TNHirundo.botSingle Coin
TNKarpe DiemMultiple Coins
TNKomorebiMultiple Coins
TNLadies FirstMultiple Coins
TNRoar of the TigerMultiple Coins
TNSpanish FlySingle Coin
TNTrading Like a GirlMultiple Coins
TPTopknotClara the Crab?
TPTimmy the turtle?
TSTradeMastersFantastic FourMultiple CoinsLeague winner - 2de
TS⊗PennywiseMultiple CoinsWithdrawn
League winner - 2de
TOTrack This Out, TTO⊗Block Head v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TO⊗Cone Head v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TO⊗Cool Leopard v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TO⊗Curiosity killed the cat v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TOFierce Jaguar v3Multiple Coins
TOGoliath v3Multiple Coins
TO⊗Magic Marbles v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TO⊗Mean Machine v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TOMighty Lion v3Multiple Coins
TOMix and Match v3Multiple Coins
TONo Guts No Glory v3Multiple Coins
TO⊗Restless Cheetah v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TO⊗Shaken Not Stirred v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TO⊗Tame Bobcat v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TO⊗Thirsty Tiger v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
TOTwin Towers v3Multiple Coins
TO⊗Two Brothers v3Multiple CoinsWithdrawn
VSVirtue signalsHalal botMultiple Coins
WTWL Trading⊗The BankSingle CoinWithdrawn
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