Multiple platform-comparison Dashboard

An other Dashboard with multiple platforms support, including BOTS by RevenYOU.

Trabo AppA one time “Signup” registration, with your e-mail, or Sign in with Google, or Apple  is required.

The profit/loss ratio is the average profit on winning trades divided by the average loss on losing trades over a specified time period. This may be a good indicator to start your selection, PL/Ratio or PL/Month. Note that bots can have being run for years but can also be brand new! Meaning, there may be little real historical data available.

You can use Favorites in the Trabo-app to easily keep an eye on your favorite bots and compare them with other bots and compare which other based-Basecoins.

For the bare Trabo-Dashboard go to: Bots-comparison Dashboard. For the Android or Apple App, see below.

*) The Category will not work on all non-touchscreen.

BI-Dashboard-Year Example.

Selecting the bot name will open the bot properties with a whole list of attributes like Overview, Detail, multiple Charts.

Google Play

Trabo AppTrabo – Trading & Bots
for iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Bot Creator name may have multiple representations.

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