To The Moon (TT) trading-Bots performance per April 2022

To The Moon (TT) trading-Bots performance per April 2022

Team To The Moon (TT)

One week later due to holiday. Overall (as we all might know) April was a very tough month for crypto. Bitcoin dropped about 17.3% and some other altcoins (like Cardano: -33.8%) performed even worse… This also reflects some of our bot results. Overall our bots suffered a loss of 15.5%. Off course, the biggest losses are shown in the bots with BTC basecoin.

Most of our bots only tried one or maybe two trades, therefore they were able to reduce the losses compared to BTC and other cryptocurrencies. But I’d like to focus on the three bots that really underperformed:

  • Spicy.Mama.Loves.Btc.b0t uses some sort of DCA technique to buy ADA. Because ADA is in a longterm downtrend, it closely follows ADA for those who invested in this bot a couple of months ago.
  • LNV.ToTheMoonRaker had two very bad trades in DOGE, in which the bot expected that the pump of this coin would last longer than just one day.
  • LNV.LicenceToThrill suffered a loss because of two bad trades in ADA and then got out of this traded sold ADA for BTC

We hope for better months in cryptoland!

Team To The Moon (TT).

Find ID “TT” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.

Team Kronos trading-Bots performance per April 2022

Kronos logo

The major coins had a bad month. Both BTC and ETH went down around 17%.
Most bots did something similar and the opportunistic bots went down even more. That’s because these bots are prepared to take some risk not to miss the rise of the market. But there was no rise.

As soon as the market will really go up, these bots will make great profits, as you can see in the
backend testing results of the teasers. However, nobody knows when the market will go up again.

On the other hand you have the careful bots. They were able to make profits or keep the losses to a
minimum. In bad times, these bots are your best choice.

PDF:  Kronos performance April 2022.

PS: Note that most careful bots are not live yet. I have asked to put them live asap.

Team Kronos.

Find ID “KS” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.

Popularity Poll: Bot Creators Top-15, with 100+ user-ratings

At this time there are a total of 56 Bot Creators, 8 of them under the Dematrading brand or trading mark™.

By now we can draw conclusions, not only about the Bots Popularity and how the bots are valued by the investors, but also about the Bot Creators reputation and popularity.
We recommended to use the Poll-list (multiple polls, under the Tips menu) in conjunction with your (potential) selected bots.
We have a long list of BOTS-Names per Creator. This means that you require additional selection and spreading criteria, found in this table. Use the performance graphs and figures from the BOTS-App to further determine your bots.

In the table Classification and typification of BOTS you find a quick overview of specific aspects of types of bots.

This post is limited to the first 15 Bot Creators with the highest score, by a total of 106 users. The Top 14 creators have from 29 to 3 points (See Bloqtec PS). However 15th position is a shared one between the last 5 Creators, they all have 2 votes. The remainder of the list, number 20 onward are not shown here, but all have one vote or none votes. These can be viewed in the actual poll page.

The most popular Bot Creator Poll (48+8=56). 2022-04-10

The number 1 and 2  are shared  being Laika and the Quants (LQ), growing with 39 bots, currently the fastest grower.
It is interesting to see that the current number 1/ 2 is BEY Trading (BT),  one of the latest Creators on the platform, now having 5 Bots (from 3).
Note the difference between the Bot Creators with regard to the number of Bots they produced.
Some Creators have 1, 2 or 3 bots, whereas the bigger ones, like e.g. the number 3, Boosting Alpha (BA), one of the older Creator, have  55 bots. This including related brands “The Noogieman” (TN), “Dagobert Buck” (DB), “Illuminati” (II) and “Team Dakar” (TD).  Four of these trade marks are in the Top 15.

A substantial number of underperforming bots was withdrawn and  removed  from the platform during 4Q2021 and 1Q2022.  This applies in particular to Agga Team Bots (AB) and Atmos (AM).  Team Agga introduced a new trade mark named Bamboo (BO), now holding 8 bots.
Bloqtec (BL) was a different story, see the PS.

One should be aware that the poll is “open”. That means open to all investors, developers, Creators and what have you. This means room for manipulation when we have few voters.
There are currently a total of 206 recorded votes for this poll casted by 106 individual users.
Because we have a relatively low number of votes so far, only the Creators with a higher score should be considered with regard to popularity.

For the latest and actual results always see the actual poll: Bot Creators Popularity and Bots Popularity.

Statement of caution

Note that in the BOTS-App the Creator name may have multiple representation.  Example the name “Laika” has currently three different representations:
1) “Laika and the Quants”,
2) “Laika”,
3) “LAIKA” .
Something to be aware of when searching and comparing.

Previous: The most popular Bot Creator Poll (48+8).
Note that the previous Popularity Poll: Bot Creators Top-15, with 77 user-ratings was dated 10 november 2021.
At that time we had a total of 46 Bot Creators, 7 of them under the Dematrading brand.

PS: The Bloqtec (BL) Creator has officially removed all bots and has withdrawn completely from the platform.  For completeness and historical reasons the records remain in the tables of this site.

For context see: the Tables-Quadrant 

Thanks for voting on behalf of all readers.
The BI-Team.

Bots-comparison Dashboard: inactive

Unfortunately the Bots-comparison Dashboard: a additional portfolio management facility, has been inactivated and removed. For now the page is still under the Tips-menu.

This was an explicit request of RevenYOU management.  Hereby the integral explanation. We regret but have honored this request.

In general, transparency is a very big deal and we want to support our customers and prospects, where possible, to arrive at the best investment decisions.
There are many arguments for offering a comparison tool, however, it is very important that its users have a good understanding of what exactly is being compared.

Active investing in (crypto) markets has shown that individuals (and many professional investors) do worse on average than if a buy and hold strategy had been applied.
An average active private trader (see also the warnings on trading platforms of e.g. CFD providers) loses a significant part of his/her invested capital due to “suboptimal” trading decisions.

BOTS offers them an alternative, which through its automated trading strategies, prevents a large part of these sub-optimal trades and provides a nice return.

Currently, we do not compare the results of the BOTS with the results of active traders and potential new clients may drop out because the comparison with successful individual coins and/or baskets of these may seem like a better alternative at first glance. This creates the danger that newcomers may still choose to trade on their own which would be an undesirable choice for the return of the average customer (and for BOTS).

As soon as we have been able to properly inform our clients and prospects about this crucial difference, we can of course reconsider offering the comparison tool, possibly with some explanation, after all.

For now the answer is, the Popolary Polls under the Tips menu.  Also see the Post Index (under menu  About)  under “P “, Popularity.

For quick context see: the Tables-Quadrant 

The BI-Team.

Laika and the Quants (LQ) trading-Bots performance per March 2022

Laika and the Quants (LQ) trading-Bots performance per March 2022

Laika and the Quants (LQ)

This is the performance of the LAIKA bots in the month of March 2022. The past month, the market showed a retracement after a bad couple of months, which the LAIKA bots fully took advantage of.

Laika and the Quants bots team (LQ).

Find ID “LQ” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.

PS: Note that in the BOTS-App the Creator name has three different representations:
1) “Laika and the Quants”,
2) “Laika”,
3) “LAIKA” .
Something to be aware of.


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