Bots substituted/removed by 28 March 2023

Important information

Unfortunately, there are some bots that have demonstrated behaviour that goes against or is not in line with BOTS’ guidelines. The bots, listed on this pdf below, have therefore been halted and will be scheduled for removal from the platform. The current balance of these bot(s) will be moved to a similar bot that we believe will work better for you. If you would not like your funds to be moved to the alternative bot, you can stop the bot before the 28th of March.

Next to that, we have some changes coming up for the Earn bots due to the change of the market and internal policies of BOTS…

PDF document: BOTS Halted by 28th March 2023.

For all details see the mail news: Important news on 22 March 2023.



Altrady Creator bot ownership changes

Altrady-bots ownership changes


With the following email we want to inform you that Team Altrady and BOTS have decided that current trading bots from Team Altrady on the platform will be managed by different trusted bot creators.The aim is to keep delivering similar results with the same coin pairs and risk level.

The reason for this is that due to changes and improvements in the technical environment of the BOTS platform, the current signals from Team Altrady cannot be supported for the time being.

Both BOTS and Altrady want that users of these bots can continue to make nice results. If you don’t wish to continue trading with the these bots, you are of course able to stop your bot in the BOTS-app. These changes will be applied in the coming weeks or months.

BOTS & Altrady


Dashboard V2 Bots-comparison tool

The latest enhancements of the Dashboard 1What’s new? See the changelog option in the Dashboard menu. are:

  • The performance scale now includes “Lifetime”.
  • Like in the App Bots store, the bots are now classified
    Earn – Trade – Hodl  and  All.
  • The ‘Crypto News’ page shows what’s going on in the crypto world. Top gainers, fear and greed index and news articles.
  • Multiple comparison options e.g. “Compare bots”, “Share current comparison”, “Show preferred crypto coins in chart” etc.
  • Clearity and performance improvements.

For more details see the previous subject- post:  Bots-comparison Dashboard V2.

To go to the BI-Dashboard page, click here.

Like in the BOTS-App “Bots store”, the bots are now classified:  Earn – Trade – Hodl.

Dashboard V2 Bots
Dashboard V2 Bots

The performance-scale now includes “Lifetime”:

Dashboard V2 single
Dashboard V2 single

Piet, BI.



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    What’s new? See the changelog option in the Dashboard menu.
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