Popularity Poll: Bot Creators Top-15, with 77 user-ratings

Although premature, with just 77 user-ratings. we wanted to publish this update ASAP. At this time there are a total of 46 Bot Creators, 7 of them under the Dematrading brand or trading mark™.

After the 19 May 2021  BitcoinBitcoin crash, we can draw conclusions, not only about the Bots Popularity and how the bots are valued by the investors, but also about the Bot Creators reputation. At that time we  recommended to use the Poll-list (under the Tips menu) in conjunction with your potential selected bots.  However the changes that were made by some Creators had a negative influence on there performance.  By now we have a long list of BOTS-Names per Creator. This means that you require additional selection and spreading criteria.

This article is limited to the first 15 Bot Creators. However the last 3 Creators all have 2 votes. The remainder of the list, not shown here, have one vote or none.

Popularity Poll: Bot Creators Top-15, with 77 user-ratings
Popularity Poll: Bot Creators Top-15, with 77 user-ratings

Interesting to see that the current number one is BEY Trading (BT), one of the latest Creators on the platform, with only 3 Bots.  Note the difference between the Bot Creators with regard to the number of Bots the produced. Some have 1, 2 or 3 bots, whereas the bigger ones, like e.g. Boosting Alpha (BA), on of the older Creator, have  53 bots, including related brands The Noogieman (TN), Dagobert Buck (DB), Illuminati (II) and Team Dakar (TD).  Four of these trade marks ar in the Top 15.

One should be aware that the poll is “open”. That means open to all investors, developers, Creators and what have you. Because we only have a minimum of votes so far, only the Creators with a higher score should be considered with regard to popularity.

For the latest and actual results always see the actual poll:
Bot Creators Popularity and Bots Popularity.

The most popular Bot Creator Poll (39+7).
There are a total of 139 recorded votes by 77 users for this poll. Total 46 Bot Creators, 7 of them under Dematrading.

For context see: the Tables-Quadrant 

Thanks for voting on behalf of all readers.
The BI-Team.

Popularity Poll: Bots Top-15, Q2/Q3-2021, 505 ratings by 152 users

This is the fourth post about bot “popularity”. It is getting a ever increasing long list. For now we have to stick to this long list of Bots and the Creators.
The approach for this poll has been reconsidered and does not specifically take into account the Risk Classifications (RC).

Unfortunately the RC is regarded of little practical use. One important reason being the fact that the RC is dynamic and can change over time, any time. It is an indication that requires some moths of in production. It is not a Bot Creator property but a RevenYOU dynamic risk indicator. So far there are no Bots available in the 3rd RC, Low (1-4) category.

We recommend to use this Poll-list in conjunction with How Crash-proof are Bots Creators bots poll, to judge your potential selected bots. And yes, it is a long list of BOTS-Names and ever growing. This means that you require additional selection and spreading criteria.
At this point in time,  that is after the 19 May 2021  BitcoinBitcoin crash, we can draw conclusions, not only about the Bot popularity and how the bots are valued by the investors, but also about the Bot Creator reputation.

Popularity Polls Bots Top-15 of 505 recorded votes by 152 voters 28 on August 2021
Popularity Polls Bots Top-15 of 505 recorded votes by 152 voters on 28  August 2021.

The Top-15 Bots by 5 BOTS-Creators:

7 x (AB) Agga Team Bots,
2 x (BA) Boosting Alpha, 1 x (TN) The Noogieman™,
2 x (DE) Dembots,
2 x (AT) Altrady,
1 x (TT) Team To The Moon.

Compared to the previous post  Popularity Poll: Bots Top-15, Q2-2021, 350 ratings by 100 users  the Bot Creator share has slightly changed.
In total the 7  Bots out of the Bots Top 15, Agga Team Bots are in favour of our voters, both older but mostly relatively new Bots.
We have extended the Top-15 Bot Creators with the 15 most popular, out of the 40 year to date, publishers.

These 15 Bot Creators are responsible for 446  of the 505 recorded votes in this poll.
The graph below shows the Bots distribution over the Top 15 Bot Creator ranking.

2021-08-29-Poll-Q2/Q3-2021-28 August
2021-08-29-Poll-Q2/Q3-2021-28 August.

Interesting to notice that the recently new series HODL the bottle top the “HODL the bottle top 35” and – 40  (Top 3 to 40) by Boosting Alpha,  now hold the 3th and 4th position whereas the 1st and 2nd position are now in Agga hands.

2021-08-29-Poll List Q2/Q3-2021-28 August
2021-08-29-Poll List Q2/Q3-2021-28 August.

Dembots (DE) (aka DemaTrading.ai (DT)) almost share their position with Altrady (AT) at Bots level.
Track This Out (TO) is out of the Top 5 and switched their position with Team To The Moon (TT). As you see still TT comfortable in the Top 15 that is closed by Atama.ai (AA).


For context see: the Tables-Quadrant

Thanks on behalf of all readers.
The BI-Team.



DemaTrading.ai (DT) Profile


DemaTrading.ai was founded in 2020 with the idea to help traders reach an audience. Our team, of about a dozen professionals, including freelancers and  algo- suppliers, has years of experience in trading in most financial markets, both manually and automated. Most of our experience is within the crypto and forex markets. We also have an extensive background in artificial intelligence (ai), including machine learning (ml). After years of working in these markets we met a lot of people who had good trading strategies, developed over many years, with trial and error. A lot of these people had the trading skills, but not the technical skills to automate their strategies and publish their bots on public platforms. Even if they have the skills they often do not want to spend the time on programming, as this brings a lot of extra work. They want to focus on trading, and we help them to do just that.

Meeting many people who felt this way, the idea of DemaTrading.ai came to live. We want to help traders to focus on their trading and we take care of everything else. This means that both manual- and algorithmic-traders that have their trading automated already, can use our service. We sit down with these traders, and in case they trade manually we help them to automate their strategy first. After automating your strategy we can extensively test the algorithms on profit, risk, drawdown, and improvement possibilities. If the performance is not good enough, we will not publish the strategy. Publication requires a minimum quality guarantee. After optimization we deploy the algorithm in bots on our servers and we take care of all technical aspects. In addition we do the sales and marketing activities. You, the developer of the algorithm, just needs to provide your bank account details to get paid periodically. We chose for this approach to be able to offer traders a way to build up a form of passive income. For the trader this setup is a set-and-forget strategy while we manage everything ongoing.

To ensure full confidentiality we sign a non-disclosure agreement before you reveal your algorithm. After signing the contract we are contractually obliged to keep it a trade secret, and we can not secretly use your algorithm in any way. We also take the highest security measures that we can to prevent any kind of security breach. The algorithms run on AWS servers, 24/7 availability, that are highly secured, and the servers do not allow any incoming connections from unknown devices. The servers do not have a public IP associated with them.

If you have an original and/or unique algorithm that you think will sufficiently perform and that you would like to get published, have a look at our website:
www.DemaTrading.ai. We will be happy to help you automate and profit from your own ideas.

We expect that around february 2021, the first bots under the name DemaTrading.ai, will become operational on the RevenYOU-BOTS-Platform.

Demian Voorhagen,  co-founder of DemaTrading.ai


Bots Creator profile: Dembots (DE)


The goal of Dembots is to offer people an alternative to spread risk. Not offering trade bots, but a bot that has a buy and hold strategy that automatically re-balances your portfolio for you.
I have a one person business, with years of forex- and crypto-trading experience. With both, manual and automated algorithms. I have a degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The current Dembots series is based on the idea of the S&P 500 and similar funds (roughly speaking). The bots buy the top coins (sorted on volume), keep them for a period of 2 weeks (currently). After that period it sells all the coins and re-buys them again, evenly divided. So if you for example start with 50 Euro in Bitcoin and 50 Euro in Ethereum, and this would grow to €55 in Bitcoin and €65 in Ethereum. The bot would sell both coins and then purchase them again for €60 each. This ensures you took a part of the profit you got from your Ethereum spike, and you never invest in one coin specifically. You invest in the general market, if the market raises, your investment raises. This could also be beneficial if a coin has dropped in price. The bot will increase the funds after re-balancing, and if the coin raises back to its old price you profit from that.

The technique utilized is based on machine learning, artificial Intelligence (AI), continuously optimized to, generate optimal risk on Return On Investment (ROI).  Most bots have a meaningful names like ‘Top10 Balance.bot’, “Top10 Balance2.bot”. “Top20 Balance.bot” and “Top30 Balance.bot”.
Currently all Dembots bots run on the RevenYOU-BOTS-platform.

Demian: “Previously I have developed algorithms.
Currently I am in the process of setting up a company where you can submit your trading strategy/algorithm and we will publish it for you. You do not need to have any experience. All you do is share your strategy and your bank account. Then we pay you a monthly fee for your part of the profit, that comes from the algorithm that you developed and supplied. We do the coding, serving, publishing, backtesting and strategy-optimization (including machine learning models).

⊗ Update 18 december 2020:
The latter service is now available on Dema trading.

DemBots will no longer develop bots under this name but continue the work with a larger team in the company DemaTrading.ai.