Profile: The Machinist (TM), Bots-Creator.

I am The Machinist. My academic background is in Artificial Intelligence (AI), but my personal background is financial trading systems. With AI you might be thinking about an intelligent super system that flawlessly reads the market. However the real catch is reading the intelligence that is found in the market. Humans, human behaviour.

We try to extract human behaviour from the markets movements. We actually believe human greed and fear is a constants and trigger when the environmental variables are well defined. This can be approached as an offset from a norm. We try to use this insight and define these norms in the market.

This has actually been successfully implemented for some crypto coins with the St34m Engine, a Bot currently contesting in the BOTS League.

Every person has its own beliefs related to trading and cryptocurrency. We try to move towards these beliefs by developing multiple Bot-series. So far there are three typical algorithm: the Long Term Investing (LTI) series, the Outperforming and Reinvesting (OAR) series, and the Momentum Swinger (3-Way enhanced RSI) series.

The LTI series tries to follow the trend of a coin while staying out of risk, but with the goal of following the long term trend. The OAR series tries to buy low and sell high, while keeping the long term trend in mind. The Momentum Swinger series is more focused on small trends rather than the long trend and can handle down trends.
While our goal is to only produce good algorithms the markets can sometimes, even for us, act strange. By choosing to follow one or more series you know exactly the intention behind your Bot of choice. That is your way of implementing your beliefs about the market.

The Machinist (TM), Bots-Creator.
Kangaroo market

To further stimulate the thought process and decision making of more technical or curious users we choose to provide you with showcases of our algorithms. Every above mentioned series can be seen applied on real life charts. In this way you can see how your Bot handles different situations. To reduce confidential exposure however, timestamps and prices have been removed. We thank you for your understanding.

LTI series showcase.
OAR series showcase.
Momentum Swinger series showcase.

More bots from the Momentum Swinger series are on their way, as well as a whole new category.

Thank you for traveling with The Machinist, we hope you have a smooth ride.

Nicolai, The Machinist.

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