Some important announcements, April 2021.

Strategic partner

Boosting Alpha (BA), currently the largest BOT-Creator, became an investor in our business. They will be a strategic partner and we will work closely together on a lot of (technical) trade-solutions. This will mean that we will be able to develop more bots, on a faster and larger scale that even trade better. We will be closely working together so that we can significantly move faster within the crypto- and other markets.

Two partnerships

In addition to the above we have signed two partnerships:

  • A partnership with team Rave Before the Machine (RM) to facilitate and develop future bots.
  • A partnership with Team Cutter (TC), which is currently in the Leader-board with their bot 'Pakjesboot'. We will help them with facilitation, optimization and development of their Bots.
We are currently talking with multiple partners, as a lot of people are interested in developing an algorithm whereas they want to have a partner to check, optimize and publish that as a bot. Our framework facilitates this and we are able to quickly produce winning BOTS.

New office

In the mean time we are moving into a new office located in Amstelveen, Netherlands, currently with 8 people and growing.


To your trading succes, the crew.

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