How crash-proof are Bots?

“How crash-proof are Bots?
How will RevenYOU BOTS behave in a Bear-market?”

On the social media this was a  frequently asked question. The problem is that it needs time to draw such conclusions. Now curiously,  during exactly the first anniversary week of BOTS, we can now begin answer this question.
Why? Because during the first year of existence of the BOTS-Platform all went relatively smoothly, bullish or stable. Actually often with extreme yields.

Bots 1st anniversary week 2021

On the 19 May 2021  there was  a crash of BitcoinBitcoin and subsequently the whole crypto market.
How did the Bots survive, perform and recover?

We have created a Poll to rank individual Bots Creators for their crash-proof level. At this Creator level, because we already have a Bots Popularity Polls at the Bot level. Depending on how important you judge this aspect of performance-security, it can be a determining factor in this Poll.

Especially investors and traders who entered the market only recently, say this year, were shocked to see the volatility of Bitcoin (BTC) and many altcoins. Value and prices crashed by 50% or even more. This was a good opportunity to see how Bots behave specifically at the Creator level.  Was the damage limited or not, and how went performance recovery. This of course is valuable information for investors, new and experienced.

How crash-proof,  that is safe or secure are Bots produced by the diverse Bot Creators. This is where the Poll is all about. Some Bots have performed very well some even extremely well. However this is the time to prove if they are crash-proof or not at all. And how important is that to you and your cryptocurrency portfolio.

The first crash-proof Poll on 28 May 2021 has now some meat on the bone, with 53 voters and 104 choices, and can now be used to draw workable conclusions.

Total of 104 recorded votes by 53 voters for this poll on 28 May 2021

Of the 28 Bot Creators the top 5 have almost all the votes. The remaining developers or producers have only one or no votes.

  • The number 1 is Agga Team Bots (AB), by far the best reputation with regard being crash-proof.
  • The number 2 and 3 being one of the oldest producers is  Boosting Alpha (BA) and the BA trademark The Noogleman (TN).
  • The number 4 is Atmos (AM) and is one of the new Creators with currently  6 Bots. Three dated before the crash and 3 after the crash date.
  • Altrady (AT), also an “older” producers, with many non-USDT basecoin Bots.

Depending on your portfolio involvement, passive and even defensive, average or active and even aggressive, the Creator choice is important. Apart of the Risk Classification (RC) per Bot, this poll may be useful for you and other investors, in combination with the Bots Popularity Polls.


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