Dashboard V2 Bots-comparison tool

The latest enhancements of the Dashboard 1What’s new? See the changelog option in the Dashboard menu. are:

  • The performance scale now includes “Lifetime”.
  • Like in the App Bots store, the bots are now classified
    Earn – Trade – Hodl  and  All.
  • The ‘Crypto News’ page shows what’s going on in the crypto world. Top gainers, fear and greed index and news articles.
  • Multiple comparison options e.g. “Compare bots”, “Share current comparison”, “Show preferred crypto coins in chart” etc.
  • Clearity and performance improvements.

For more details see the previous subject- post:  Bots-comparison Dashboard V2.

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Like in the BOTS-App “Bots store”, the bots are now classified:  Earn – Trade – Hodl.

Dashboard V2 Bots
Dashboard V2 Bots

The performance-scale now includes “Lifetime”:

Dashboard V2 single
Dashboard V2 single

Piet, BI.



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    What’s new? See the changelog option in the Dashboard menu.

Bots-comparison Dashboard V2

An additional portfolio management facility to compare, select and monitor bots performance.

Although the current version of the BOTS-App has many (new) features related to portfolio management and performance, it is not an easy task to select the best bots for your purpose.

For this reason we have introduced this “Bots-comparison Dashboard”. Either use the full-blown Dashboard or the smartphone-format.

Bots-comparison Dashboard V2
Bots-comparison Dashboard V2

The use of the Dashboard is obvious with regard to switches and options and it is almost intuitive in its use. However there are many possibilities.

The possibilities are endless, but please read through the explanation to get a good understanding of some of the features this tool offers.

Apart of the main filter-buttons, the Blue-buttons hide many options to be discovered. For instance many Filters and options, as well as comparison possibilities between Coins and Bots.

As an example the “Show extra information”:

Bots-comparison Dashboard V2-detail
Bots-comparison Dashboard V2-detail

Click on a bot name in the table to open a graph of the bot as shown above. Or click on the bot Creator name to display only bots from that particular  Creator.  See the Tips.


When you click on a bot’s name, it is possible to add the bot to your personal watchlist. The “Only show watchlist” filter allows you to only display the bots that have been added to your personal watchlist. This feature is extremely useful for bots you want to keep an extra eye on. This feature requires a free account.

A quick overview of validation aspects to be aware of can be found in Classes, Types of BOTS,  when selecting and spreading Bots for your portfolio.

Thanks go to S~ for this Dashboard BI-contribution.

Piet, BI.

Dashboard: Bots-comparison tool,  Bots-comparison Dashboard: inactive.



Bots-comparison Dashboard: inactive

Unfortunately the Bots-comparison Dashboard: a additional portfolio management facility, has been inactivated and removed. For now the page is still under the Tips-menu.

This was an explicit request of RevenYOU management.  Hereby the integral explanation. We regret but have honored this request.

In general, transparency is a very big deal and we want to support our customers and prospects, where possible, to arrive at the best investment decisions.
There are many arguments for offering a comparison tool, however, it is very important that its users have a good understanding of what exactly is being compared.

Active investing in (crypto) markets has shown that individuals (and many professional investors) do worse on average than if a buy and hold strategy had been applied.
An average active private trader (see also the warnings on trading platforms of e.g. CFD providers) loses a significant part of his/her invested capital due to “suboptimal” trading decisions.

BOTS offers them an alternative, which through its automated trading strategies, prevents a large part of these sub-optimal trades and provides a nice return.

Currently, we do not compare the results of the BOTS with the results of active traders and potential new clients may drop out because the comparison with successful individual coins and/or baskets of these may seem like a better alternative at first glance. This creates the danger that newcomers may still choose to trade on their own which would be an undesirable choice for the return of the average customer (and for BOTS).

As soon as we have been able to properly inform our clients and prospects about this crucial difference, we can of course reconsider offering the comparison tool, possibly with some explanation, after all.

For now the answer is, the Popolary Polls under the Tips menu.  Also see the Post Index (under menu  About)  under “P “, Popularity.

For quick context see: the Tables-Quadrant 

The BI-Team.

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