Team Kronos trading-Bots performance per April 2022

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The major coins had a bad month. Both BTC and ETH went down around 17%.
Most bots did something similar and the opportunistic bots went down even more. That’s because these bots are prepared to take some risk not to miss the rise of the market. But there was no rise.

As soon as the market will really go up, these bots will make great profits, as you can see in the
backend testing results of the teasers. However, nobody knows when the market will go up again.

On the other hand you have the careful bots. They were able to make profits or keep the losses to a
minimum. In bad times, these bots are your best choice.

PDF:  Kronos performance April 2022.

PS: Note that most careful bots are not live yet. I have asked to put them live asap.

Team Kronos.

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Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per March 2022

Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per March 2022

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March 2022 was an excellent month again, after a couple of months with declining prices. The average increase for our bots was 14% in crypto and 16% in EUR. This means that our bots are almost back on the level of November 2021 again (the highest top of the market).

The performance issue was led by our HODL series which managed to pinpoint the correct assets that got the biggest increase. HODL top 40 managed to increase even with 110% in March 2022.

Of all of our 55 bots, only 4 managed to decline of which 2 BTC-based bots (that declined in BTC but increased in EUR). Our 2 new bots (Relativity Theory) declined but they only were introduced late in the month of March 2022.

From a long-term perspective, the crypto market looks to have found its bottom and the next few months might see more positive developments again.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha.

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Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per January 2022

Boosting Alpha January 2022

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Here are the results of the month of January 2022 for all of our trading bots. As everybody knows the month of January was a real disaster on the crypto markets, with BTC nose-diving with more than 20% and most other coins declining more than that.

During this month on average our bots declined with 6,8% in crypto and 8,8% in Euro terms. Obviously all trading bots with the BTC basecoin declined in Euro together with the value drop in Bitcoin. On the USDT based trading bots, lots of them stayed out of the markets or exited the market with a small drop. Notable exceptions here to our HODL series where most HODL bots decided to stay out of the market most of the month. Primarily our higher-risk USDT based bots unfortunately generated quite some losses comparable to the overall market drop.

The crypto market has now been in Bear territory for 3 months now, lets hope the bottom of the market has been reached and that we will move into more favourable market sentiment again. In those 3 months BTC declined from USD 68.000 to USD 38.000 now which is a 44% decline. Most other coins however declined with more than 50% from their highest levels. In contrast our bots declined on average with 16% in basecoin and 21% in Euro over these 3 months.

As we all know, in the crypto spot market it is only possible to take Long positions.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha.


One month in the live of a Bot: “At the top”, 3nd period

One month in the live of a Bot is short, too short to judge the profitability of a bot. Three months should be regarded as a  minimum period. See Tip#1 and Criteria to stop.

This is the (part of) third month-period after I started this bot on 12 October 2021. This concludes the (interrupted) 3rd period. Unfortunately we cannot conclude the 3 month-period as intended. Stopped de bot on 31 December 2021.

RevenYOU BOTS Announcement on 30 december 2021:

BOTS and Bloqtec B.V. will no longer be working together as of 2022. The bots from Bloqtec will stop sending signals as of December 31st 2021. You will have until January 18th 2022 to stop the bot yourself, after this BOTS will close the bot for you and the balance will be transferred to available funds.

In the previous two periods the ATT-bot managed to jump to 40% in the first trade-period and from 40% to 60% in the 2nd period,

BTC-5-day 2021-12-24 TradingView
BTC-5-day 2021-12-24 TradingView

Above diagram was the BTC in the beginning of the 3rd period, the week just before Christmas.

After a few weeks of dormancy the bot started trading again.

At the top, 3rd, 1 week 2021 12 21
At the top, 3rd, 1 week 2021 12 21

The bot made one trade jumping from 60% to 81% profit, while the Bitcoin went from $46,000 to $51,000, roughly 10%.

At the top, 3rd, 1d on 2021 12 21
At the top, 3rd, 1d on 2021 12 21

The days before Christmas where around $48,000, then round Christmas the BTC went to $51,500, relatively stable. Then on 28 December we got a decline to $47,500.

BTC-28-29-4rd jump, 2021-12-29
BTC-28-29-4rd jump, 2021-12-29

Interesting to see that all my bots wend down, whereas At the top (ATT) was still out of position, showing the flat horizontal line.

Surprisingly, the “At the top” was my only bot that took advantage of the BTC-decline and jumped from 81% to a total yield of 102% 1102.06% can slightly vary due to the €-value to USDT-rate the basecoin of this bot. , a gain of 21% during this 4th jump.

At the top, 2021 12 28, 4th jump, 1 week.

The fourth jump in value during, the now almost, three-month observation period.

Whereas the BTC declined from  $51,500 to $47,500,  a loss of $4,000 or -3.4%, while ATT gained 21%. That is what we like in a bot!


This bot proved to use an interesting and profitable algorithm.

TradeView BTC, 3 month 2021-12-31.
TradeView BTC, 3 month 2021-12-31.

During this three month period the Bitcoin went from $56,000 to $67,000 on 11 November 2021 and back to $46,000. On 24 December the BTC was about $51,500 and went down to $47,500 on 28th, and down to $46,300 on 29th.

TradeView BTC, 3 month 2021-12-31.
TradeView BTC, 3 month 2021-12-31.

Starting on 12 October 2021 with $56,000 and eventually BTC ended this 2/3 month-period on $47,500 on 31 Dec 2021 (mid day), 80 day’s.

In case of Bitcoin (BTC) HODL , during this period, BTC went from  $56,000 to $47,500 a loss of $8,500 or -15,18%. The bot took also good advantage of the BTC-peak on $67,000 at 11 November but also from some of the declines, candlesticks, as described in the description: At the top.
In total the At the top-bot gained 102%, in this case €101,92 income, during 80 day’s . Now we need to find a replacement, something that will not be easy.

One month in the live of a Bot: “At the top”, 1st period, this includes the bot description: At the top by Bloqtec (BL).
One month in the live of a Bot: “At the top”, 2nd period.

Piet, BI.

Remember, this is not a financial advise. Performance results in the past are not representative nor a guarantee for future positive results.

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For context see: the Tables-Quadrant 



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    102.06% can slightly vary due to the €-value to USDT-rate the basecoin of this bot.
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