To The Moon (TT) trading-Bots performance per August 2022

To The Moon trading-Bots performance per August 2022

Team To The Moon (TT)

August started quite well with a Bitcoin price that went from 23.000 USD to about 25.000. However, in a few days, the Bitcoin price fell back to about 19.500 USD.

Overall Bitcoin had quite a tough month (-13.9%) after the gains that were made in July. Our BTC based bots suffered the most by the drop of the Bitcoin price. Because some BTC based bots trade in ETH, which had a quite better month than BTC (-7.4%).

Mild.BBKing.b0t managed to make a profit of 7.6% in last month, which was quite a good job. Also, Most LNV bots stayed out of the market or managed to make a small profit.
Also Hot.BBKing.b0t, did a good job, because it generated that much BTC by trading in ETH, such that the loss was limited to -2.7% (in EUR).

Team To The Moon (TT).

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My, your BI-Administrator, second BOTS-year. The score.

BTC/USDT 2nd Year
BTC/USDT 2nd Year, Bitcoin is the leading cryptocoin.

Although I don’t trade with bots (Tip #1) looking back I have been too active.  Unfortunately this mostly was unintended, at least by me. This was my strategy that I had to change during the 2nd year:

My strategy was simple: buy a number of the most promising bots and see how the perform.
When underperforming, switch to a more promising Bot. In most cases I give it 3 to 6 months.
The exception are my HODL-Bots. These Bots are for the long term or for DIY, “do it yourself” trading. The latter is a easy way to trade crypto-coins on the same platform.
If you not go for the max, like me, but for more safety and stability, better hold on for a longer period or do not switch at all.

Adaptation 1: In post Withdrawn: Why Bots are removed from the BOTS-platform, you find an important reason to stop, or sell a bot er even a whole range of bots. In most cases, but not all (see: One month in the live of a Bot: “At the top”, 3nd period ) this will result in loss, sometimes dramatic loss. Of course this is a tricky one, beyond our control.

In Selection & Spreading you can find the bots that are removed.

Adaptation 2:  Stop underperforming bots due to a coin-crash or due to a BOTS or Creator intervention.

A number of new Agga bots I started in March/April of 2021, lost part of their yield but all show positive results even after the crash end the horizontal marked development in June and July 2021.
Unfortunately many Agga bots  must be regarded as different actually new products, with other characteristics. For that reason I stopped all my Agga bots and used the money to start new ones. Mostly from new Creators. Note that Bamboo (BO) is a new trademark of Agga.
Some other bots, many of Atmos (AM), bud all Track This Out, TTO (TO) in April 2022 and all Bloqtec (BL) bots, during Jan 2022, where Withdrawn.

Adaptation 3:  Two of my Bots where stopped due to Technical issues. Re-starting them showed very different graphs, as pointed out below (November 2021).

Other reasons for portfolio changes

Most bots have USDT (Tether) as Basecoin and some have BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Etherium) or BNB (Binance Coin) as there Basecoin. Something to be aware of as we learn later.  The USDT bots are regarded as most save, for what that is worth. On the other hand, if you get lucky, you can profit from gains.

Tip #1: Bots are not meant to be traded.
This in combination with Footnote 1: The Power of Compounding. However, nothing is static.

This was published in the first BOTS broadcast, November 2021:

“Previously, the bots graphs in the BOTS store shown to our users had a compounding algorithm (see Footnote 1) that meant they would show increases and decreases including interest on interest (compounding) since the start date of a bot on the platform. So last week’s return was not the return against the amount at the start of the week, but against the investment at the starting date of a bot.

This gave an enormously distorted picture and made rises and falls of 40% common occurrences, while the market fell or rose much less rapidly, purely because the bot had been on the platform for a long time. This has been adjusted after lots of requests from our users and Discord community and now simply shows the true returns over the selected period.”

A event to be aware of.

In the reference below you can read the story of how I started with Bots, my first year. Many improvements have being implemented in the BOTS-App. Interesting to see the Classes: Trading and Hodl,  in the BI-Diagram has now being implemented in the Bot store  under “Trade” type: “1”, “2”, “3”,  “Earn” and “Hold” type: “A”: “Buy and hold” and type: “B”: “Rebalancers”.

BTC/USDT 2nd Year
BTC/USDT 2nd Year

This is what happened with my Bots Portfolio during the second year.

BTC worst month ever 06-2022
BTC worst month ever 06-2022

In the year that Bitcoin closed on  -40% in June, the worst month ever!
Pretty much all stock markets are in the red this year. Crypto is still mostly dependent.

My Bots performanse over August 2021 – 2022.

To recap: At the top of my portfolio, beginning of May 2021, my investment yielded over +400%, including one BNB based bot with upto 2700% gain.
The worst case was around 20 July 2021 when my portfolio was down to just +220%. During my first half year, 2020/2021 the sky was the limit, and not very realistic.

I must admit this is not my pension income. For me this is more like a hobby than anything else. As a sport I try to go for the max and not for low risk. The first Bots-year, Year To Date (YTD) revenue on 1st of  August 2021 was +240% in €euro, including four (recently started, 2 in test) negative Bots.
Not bad at all, to say the least. Just compare my savings income and the taxes due.

My second year, August 2021/2022 is actually a lost year with regard to investments, to say the least. And then, for me, it has been interesting.  While Bitcoin was extremely volatile, most Altcoins experienced the same.
After the Adaptation “cleanup” strategy as described above, my strategy was: wait and see.

Year 2nd Low-High
Year 2nd Low-High

One of my first bots, and my best bot, was/is (27-8-2020 … timing was all). This bot had a All Time High (ATH) around +2700% in November 2021. In the last month it dipped to a All Time Low (ATL) of just +870%. And now it just crossed the +1300% again, going up! All this BNB is expressed in €euro.

BTC-2022-06-19 2nd year worst
BTC-2022-06-19 2nd year worst

This period of one year was a (BTC)disaster.  Some of my bots went under -80%. I decided to keep (the remainder of) these underperforming bots in the hope that part of the loss could be compensated. The value under 50% of the purchase-price is no value for me.

Year 2nd Low low
Year 2nd Low-Low.

To be honest I did not expect to see BTC-USDT value under 33k, let alone under 27k. I could not imagen a BTC-USDT course under 20k, but eventually it tipped a low of 17,500 USDT, where it stopped.

My second BOTS-year, Year To Date (YTD) revenue on 1st of  August 2022 is: +75% in €euro.
Some 20 bots started last and this year, resulted in a loss of aboud -50%.
Only a hand full of these recent bots purchased resulted in miner or higher, yields: Delta1, Angry Toddler, HODL the bottle top 35.

Define what “a good bot” is, so you can choose some bots most suited for you. In general terms, a good bot is one that holds on to profits in stable and falling (bear)markets and makes profits in rising (bull)markets. Of course the best bots make profit in all markets!
For this purpose we advice you to use Bots-comparison Dashboard.
Be sure to pick the right bots for your purpose, risk and time-horizon (use the Purchase Checklist).

In the BOTS App Home display (your Bots portfolio), the negative performance display was changed from red into blue, around mid june 2022. Not sure if this is only about cosmetics and esthetics.  In the Bots-store negative, – is still red.

Year 2nd Low-High
Year 2nd Low-Low red

At the other end it is still within a long-time cycle, which makes sense.

Some Altcoins

Although Bitcoin is the leading cryptocoin, there are many Altcoins with which Bots can make profits, even during a BTC bear-marked.

Piet, your BI-Admin.

See my Portfolio difference 2020/2021 in My, your BI-Administrator, first BOTS-year. The score and use The most popular Bot Creator Poll for your own Portfolio.


Team Kronos (KS) trading-Bots performance per June 2022

Kronos logo

June was a very bad month. On June 13, Celsius froze all withdrawals and as of today, people still cannot access their assets. This is one of the main reasons why many crypto  currencies made big losses.
BTC: -38.83%, ETH: -45.47%.

A small majority of our bots could limit the damage and Phoroneus even made a profit. But some aggressive bots that do very well in Bull markets did way worse than the benchmark.

PDF:  Kronos-June-2022.

Team Kronos.

After the crash on June 13, some people raised the question:

‘Why don’t the bots sell their positions when the market is going down so fast?’.

The answer is that historically it is not profiting. To illustrate this, I show you a few examples:

Let’s take the Bitcoin bot Gaia: A ‘cautious’ bot that has the following results (2022 is till June 15, 2:00am).


2018: Profit: 51%, Max draw down: -20%
2019: Profit: 33%, Max draw down: -10%
2020: Profit: 138%, Max draw down: -7%
2021: Profit: 20%, Max draw down: -29%
2022: Profit: 12%, Max draw down: -8%

Note that the Bot made profit every year, even in 2018 when BTC lost 73%. Also note that there are times that Gaia made quite some temporary losses along the way, which is reflected in the Max draw down.

Now I show the results with a modified Gaia, Gaia2. If within 24 hours BTC drops more than 5%, Gaia2 steps out immediately, and waits until the next morning to resume the ‘normal’ operation.
That is, Gaia2 is reset and waits for a good moment to step in again. You might thing this is a wise thing to do. But retesting Gaia2 over all the historical data since 2018 gives us this:


2018: Profit: -30%, Max draw down: -30%
2019: Profit: 13%, Max draw down: -8%
2020: Profit: 6%, Max draw down: -10%
2021: Profit: -17%, Max draw down: -28%
2022: Profit: -15%, Max draw down: -15%

The results are worse. In 2018 Gaia2 stepped out 11 times, because there were drops of 5% in 1 day. As Gaia2 steps out ‘early’ and freezes for a while, she misses some up-trends, resulting in poor results. A similar story holds for the other years.
So what if we make a Gaia3 and step out at a 10% drop. Just to avoid some nasty dips?


2018: Profit: -3%, Max draw down: -26%
2019: Profit: 33%, Max draw down: -10%
2020: Profit: 86%, Max draw down: -13%
2021: Profit: 6%, Max draw down: -29%
2022: Profit: 12%, Max draw down: -8%

Again not better than Gaia. In 2018 there were still 10 moments that Gaia3 stepped out early and froze. In 2021 (pretty good year) there were 3 large drops of more than 10% in one day (2 in May, 1 in September).

So let’s go for Gaia4. We immediately step out in case of a 25% drop, just to avoid the real urgent crisis.


2018: Profit: 51%, Max draw down: -20%
2019: Profit: 33%, Max draw down: -10%
2020: Profit: 138%, Max draw down: -7%
2021: Profit: -5%, Max draw down: -43%
2022: Profit: 12%, Max draw down: -8%

Only in May 2021, there was a drop of 25% in 1 day, but the market recovered soon. As Gaia4 stepped out at 25% loss and froze for a while, it missed the upward trend. Gaia made 20% profit, Gaia4 made 5% loss.


Looking back, it would have been smart to step out on June 10 or so. But in real life, we must look forward and predict. Among other things, our Bots use patterns in historical data to determine what to do for the future. In the long run this seems to pay off very well. On the short term, not always. And for both the short and long term, there are no guarantees.

Find ID “KS” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.


Team Kronos (KS) trading-Bots performance per May 2022

Kronos logo

May was the month of the crash of Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST). None of our bots do something with Terra or TerraUSD. However, also the other coins went down because of the crash: BTC -15.45%, and ETH -28.77%.

Most of our bots could limit the damage, a few did not, and a few made a nice profit anyway.
Interesting to mention that our most defensive bot Gaia made a move. She bought BTC and sold it a few days later, making a small profit of 0.04% (this is after deducting 0.25% transaction costs).

PDF:  Kronos performance May 2022.

Team Kronos.

Find ID “KS” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.



Team Kronos trading-Bots performance per April 2022

Kronos logo

The major coins had a bad month. Both BTC and ETH went down around 17%.
Most bots did something similar and the opportunistic bots went down even more. That’s because these bots are prepared to take some risk not to miss the rise of the market. But there was no rise.

As soon as the market will really go up, these bots will make great profits, as you can see in the
backend testing results of the teasers. However, nobody knows when the market will go up again.

On the other hand you have the careful bots. They were able to make profits or keep the losses to a
minimum. In bad times, these bots are your best choice.

PDF:  Kronos performance April 2022.

PS: Note that most careful bots are not live yet. I have asked to put them live asap.

Team Kronos.

Find ID “KS” in Bots Creators Names and Selection & Spreading.

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