Bots-comparison Dashboard: a additional portfolio management facility

Although the current version of the BOTS-App has many (new) features related to portfolio management and performance, it is not an easy task to select the best bots for your purpose.

For this reason we have introduced this “Bots-comparison Dashboard”. Either use the full-blown Dashboard or the smartphone-format.

Bots-comparison Dashboard - Phone
Bots-comparison Dashboard – Phone

The purpose is to give better insight in the overall bots performance and compare the performance between other bots and the comparison with crypto-coins rates.
In this way you will better be able to select the bots most suited for your goals, risk and performance.

Use this dashboard in combinatie with other bots properties and characteristics as found via the Tables-Quadrant +  and the Purchase Checklist.

Bots-comparison Dashboard

The use of the Dashboard is obvious with regard to switches and options and it is almost intuitive in its use.

Change coins to compare
Change coins to compare

A quick overview of validation aspects to be aware of can be found in Classes, Types of BOTS,  when selecting and spreading Bots for your portfolio.

Thanks go to S~ for this Dashboard BI-contribution.

Piet, BI.



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