Dashboard V2 Bots-comparison tool

The latest enhancements of the Dashboard 1What’s new? See the changelog option in the Dashboard menu. are:

  • The performance scale now includes “Lifetime”.
  • Like in the App Bots store, the bots are now classified
    Earn – Trade – Hodl  and  All.
  • The ‘Crypto News’ page shows what’s going on in the crypto world. Top gainers, fear and greed index and news articles.
  • Multiple comparison options e.g. “Compare bots”, “Share current comparison”, “Show preferred crypto coins in chart” etc.
  • Clearity and performance improvements.

For more details see the previous subject- post:  Bots-comparison Dashboard V2.

To go to the BI-Dashboard page, click here.

Like in the BOTS-App “Bots store”, the bots are now classified:  Earn – Trade – Hodl.

Dashboard V2 Bots
Dashboard V2 Bots

The performance-scale now includes “Lifetime”:

Dashboard V2 single
Dashboard V2 single

Piet, BI.



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    What’s new? See the changelog option in the Dashboard menu.
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