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DemaTrading was founded in 2020 with the idea to help traders reach an audience. Our team, of about a dozen professionals, including freelancers and  algo- suppliers, has years of experience in trading in most financial markets, both manually and automated. Most of our experience is within the crypto and forex markets. We also have an extensive background in artificial intelligence (ai), including machine learning (ml). After years of working in these markets we met a lot of people who had good trading strategies, developed over many years, with trial and error. A lot of these people had the trading skills, but not the technical skills to automate their strategies and publish their bots on public platforms. Even if they have the skills they often do not want to spend the time on programming, as this brings a lot of extra work. They want to focus on trading, and we help them to do just that.

Meeting many people who felt this way, the idea of came to live. We want to help traders to focus on their trading and we take care of everything else. This means that both manual- and algorithmic-traders that have their trading automated already, can use our service. We sit down with these traders, and in case they trade manually we help them to automate their strategy first. After automating your strategy we can extensively test the algorithms on profit, risk, drawdown, and improvement possibilities. If the performance is not good enough, we will not publish the strategy. Publication requires a minimum quality guarantee. After optimization we deploy the algorithm in bots on our servers and we take care of all technical aspects. In addition we do the sales and marketing activities. You, the developer of the algorithm, just needs to provide your bank account details to get paid periodically. We chose for this approach to be able to offer traders a way to build up a form of passive income. For the trader this setup is a set-and-forget strategy while we manage everything ongoing.

To ensure full confidentiality we sign a non-disclosure agreement before you reveal your algorithm. After signing the contract we are contractually obliged to keep it a trade secret, and we can not secretly use your algorithm in any way. We also take the highest security measures that we can to prevent any kind of security breach. The algorithms run on AWS servers, 24/7 availability, that are highly secured, and the servers do not allow any incoming connections from unknown devices. The servers do not have a public IP associated with them.

If you have an original and/or unique algorithm that you think will sufficiently perform and that you would like to get published, have a look at our website: We will be happy to help you automate and profit from your own ideas.

We expect that around february 2021, the first bots under the name, will become operational on the RevenYOU-BOTS-Platform.

Demian Voorhagen,  co-founder of


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