Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per January 2022

Boosting Alpha January 2022

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Here are the results of the month of January 2022 for all of our trading bots. As everybody knows the month of January was a real disaster on the crypto markets, with BTC nose-diving with more than 20% and most other coins declining more than that.

During this month on average our bots declined with 6,8% in crypto and 8,8% in Euro terms. Obviously all trading bots with the BTC basecoin declined in Euro together with the value drop in Bitcoin. On the USDT based trading bots, lots of them stayed out of the markets or exited the market with a small drop. Notable exceptions here to our HODL series where most HODL bots decided to stay out of the market most of the month. Primarily our higher-risk USDT based bots unfortunately generated quite some losses comparable to the overall market drop.

The crypto market has now been in Bear territory for 3 months now, lets hope the bottom of the market has been reached and that we will move into more favourable market sentiment again. In those 3 months BTC declined from USD 68.000 to USD 38.000 now which is a 44% decline. Most other coins however declined with more than 50% from their highest levels. In contrast our bots declined on average with 16% in basecoin and 21% in Euro over these 3 months.

As we all know, in the crypto spot market it is only possible to take Long positions.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha.


Boosting Alpha introducing BTC/BNB based Bots

Boosting Alpha introducing BTC/BNB based Bots

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As there are many concerns regarding to USDT and its lack of transparency, we would like to share that we have also bots in BTC based or ETH based, that means the return is calculated in growing of the NR of BTC or ETH you hold, not the FIAT value return.

Now we are introducing BTC/BNB based bots. All of these algorithms invest in BTC respectively BNB pairs. The annual return and drawdown is calculated in terms of the basecoin, not in EUR or USD. So these algorithms are always exposed to the crypto market, since when they are in cash they are still invested in either BTC or BNB.

These algorithms are useful for people which are bullish long-term on the crypto market and have a so-called HODL philosophy. They should allow you to gain more BTC or BNB while continuously being exposed to the market 1The Sortino ratio is a variation of the Sharpe ratio that differentiates harmful volatility from total overall volatility by using the asset’s standard deviation of negative portfolio returns, downside deviation, instead of the total standard deviation of portfolio returns..

The bots-series are named “BTC Relativity Mix x” and “BTC Relativity Multi Coin x” and will be published under the “Illuminati” (II) trade mark, in the coming month, after the current Quarantaine period.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha


PS: The cooperation of Boosting Alpha with the Einstein Telescope team is part of a big OP-Zuid program which is partly funded by the European Union Regional Development Funds (EFRO).



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    The Sortino ratio is a variation of the Sharpe ratio that differentiates harmful volatility from total overall volatility by using the asset’s standard deviation of negative portfolio returns, downside deviation, instead of the total standard deviation of portfolio returns.

Boosting Alpha HODL-trading-Bots, new per Feb/March 2021

Boosting Alpha trading-Bots, new per FebMarch 2021

A series of new BOTS, named “HODL the bottle top XX” will be launched, 1-by-1, between end of February and early March 2021.
The BOTS re-balance every 2 weeks and they are intelligent.
Within one day the HODL the bottle bot send a buy signal for new entrants and added amounts.

That means:

  1. they only re-balance the Δ delta and not the whole HODL positions,
  2. they can avoid specific coins or even stay out of the market completely if required and
  3. they include an intelligent-mechanism to allocate capital to each coin, to increase the performance. Because they only trade the Δ delta, the average fee per year is only around 3%. In a year like 2018, they even can stay out of the market for a long period of time, in 2018 they stayed out of the market for 6 months in a row.
    So do not expect big amount of action or volume, this is a long term investment bot.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha


PS1: The moment the HODL the Bottle XX have chosen to be in the market, they are re-synchronized daily for new entrants. Every fortnight on Sunday at midnight, there is a new moment of choice, perhaps the other HODL the Bottle bots will decide to become active and enter the market. Rebalances happen Sunday on Monday night. The exact time when the rebalance happens varies as it is determined by optimization.
The Bots do not get out in the meantime. They are only concerned with the long term.
The numbers HODL 8 to 30 re-balance in the same weekend  (e.g. week 17 on 18). The numbers  HODL 3, 5, 35 and 40 is the other weekend (e.g. week 18 on 19).

PS2: With the HODL the bottle XX Bots, a buy-signal is sent once a day for the customers that start a Bot, and have not yet got in. With other bots, the moment of getting in is more crucial. These HODL-Bots try to get in and out, at the best moment in time. Hence the HODL++ indication in table: Creator BOT-Names.
If other customers then get in 24 hours later, they buy at a completely different price than the Bot that was initially chosen. This means that they might end up selling at a loss because they bought at a higher point in time, while the other Bots make a profit.

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