Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per November 2021

Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per November 2021

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The month of November 2021 was not the best month for our trading algorithms. On average the bots lost roughly 4,5% last month (both in crypto and in €UR). Most of the BTC basecoin bots managed to generate a modest profit last month, and the majority of USDT basecoin bots generated a loss.

The HODL the Bottle bots (intelligent rebalancers) were most impacted last month since the market as a whole went down quite a bit. Bitcoin, BTC declined with 11% last month while most altcoins declined more than that. The market as a whole has difficulty finding a direction, will it go up or down?

The month of December is usually quite an active month in crypto. Let’s see what it brings.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha.


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Laika and the Quants (LQ) trading-Bots performance per November 2021

LAIKA November Performance 2021

Laika and the Quants (LQ)

November has been a turbulent month for the global markets, not only for Crypto, with both steep declines and upward trends. LAIKA’s bots overall have some very profitable.

We’re proud to say that for the second month in a row, one of our bots is the best performing bot on the entire ‘BOTS by Revenyou’ platform. Our debuting bot, NFT TrendBot, obtained a return of 77.8% in November alone.

Laika and the Quants bots team (LQ).

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