Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per October 2021

Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per October 2021

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October was a good month for all of the 53 Boosting Alpha related bots (with the brands Boosting Alpha, The Noogieman, Dagobert Buck, Illuminati, Team Dakar. The average return across all bots in October was 11,5% in Euros and 6% in the crypto basecoin (whether it is USDT, BTC, ETH or BNB).

All of our Dagobert Buck bots (all trading bots based on basecoin BTC) are in the higher regions of the performance list in the range of 18 to 40% of monthly performance in terms of Euro values. But also some of the USDT-based bots are in the range of +20% monthly return.

Shortly we will introduce about 15 new trading bots which are based on our new Einstein Relativity Theory series. Some of them based on USDT, BTC and BNB as the basecoins.

The average 30-day return across all of our trading bots (since the initial start date of each bot, for some of them now 1,5 years ago) is now at 4,11% per 30 days, measured in terms of the basecoin. I guess most asset classes, hedge fund managers and pension funds would be jealous on that type of performance.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha


See : Boosting Alpha introducing BTC/BNB based Bots.

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