Popularity Poll: Bots Top-15, Q2/Q3-2021, 505 ratings by 152 users

This is the fourth post about bot “popularity”. It is getting a ever increasing long list. For now we have to stick to this long list of Bots and the Creators.
The approach for this poll has been reconsidered and does not specifically take into account the Risk Classifications (RC).

Unfortunately the RC is regarded of little practical use. One important reason being the fact that the RC is dynamic and can change over time, any time. It is an indication that requires some moths of in production. It is not a Bot Creator property but a RevenYOU dynamic risk indicator. So far there are no Bots available in the 3rd RC, Low (1-4) category.

We recommend to use this Poll-list in conjunction with How Crash-proof are Bots Creators bots poll, to judge your potential selected bots. And yes, it is a long list of BOTS-Names and ever growing. This means that you require additional selection and spreading criteria.
At this point in time,  that is after the 19 May 2021  BitcoinBitcoin crash, we can draw conclusions, not only about the Bot popularity and how the bots are valued by the investors, but also about the Bot Creator reputation.

Popularity Polls Bots Top-15 of 505 recorded votes by 152 voters 28 on August 2021
Popularity Polls Bots Top-15 of 505 recorded votes by 152 voters on 28  August 2021.

The Top-15 Bots by 5 BOTS-Creators:

7 x (AB) Agga Team Bots,
2 x (BA) Boosting Alpha, 1 x (TN) The Noogieman™,
2 x (DE) Dembots,
2 x (AT) Altrady,
1 x (TT) Team To The Moon.

Compared to the previous post  Popularity Poll: Bots Top-15, Q2-2021, 350 ratings by 100 users  the Bot Creator share has slightly changed.
In total the 7  Bots out of the Bots Top 15, Agga Team Bots are in favour of our voters, both older but mostly relatively new Bots.
We have extended the Top-15 Bot Creators with the 15 most popular, out of the 40 year to date, publishers.

These 15 Bot Creators are responsible for 446  of the 505 recorded votes in this poll.
The graph below shows the Bots distribution over the Top 15 Bot Creator ranking.

2021-08-29-Poll-Q2/Q3-2021-28 August
2021-08-29-Poll-Q2/Q3-2021-28 August.

Interesting to notice that the recently new series HODL the bottle top the “HODL the bottle top 35” and – 40  (Top 3 to 40) by Boosting Alpha,  now hold the 3th and 4th position whereas the 1st and 2nd position are now in Agga hands.

2021-08-29-Poll List Q2/Q3-2021-28 August
2021-08-29-Poll List Q2/Q3-2021-28 August.

Dembots (DE) (aka DemaTrading.ai (DT)) almost share their position with Altrady (AT) at Bots level.
Track This Out (TO) is out of the Top 5 and switched their position with Team To The Moon (TT). As you see still TT comfortable in the Top 15 that is closed by Atama.ai (AA).


For context see: the Tables-Quadrant

Thanks on behalf of all readers.
The BI-Team.



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