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Boosting Alpha May 2021

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And again our end-of-month overview of all our trading bots.
The month of May turned out to be a very bad month for the crypto market with the Bitcoin declining with 35% and most other coins declining even more.

The average result of our trading bots was -8,31%. This was definitely the most negative month for our bots since we went live in January 2020 (the Corona crash from March 2020 did not have any impact on the 2 bots that we had live back then).

Among the negative performers were a lot of the HODL trading bots which look at the long-term only and only rebalance once every 2 weeks. If we look at the return in EUR, the EUR decline was higher with -16,51%, which was obviously higher because of the bots which have a BTC basecoin (Dagobert Buck bots + Hirundo).

Interesting to see is that there were also some bots which still had a very positive month of May as well with Roar of the Tiger at the top.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha


The first BOTS (by RevenYOU) millionaire: Boosting Alpha remarks

Boosting Alpha trading-Bots mid April 2021

Where the BOTS platform today put out a press release to have launched its first BOTS millionaire, it is very likely this person became a millionaire thanks to one or more of our trading bots. Our trading bots are experiencing a very good April month already (after the month of March was more stable). This month our bots on average already generated 23% return.

The average return of our bots is now 126% while the average bots lifetime period is probably around 7 to 9 months now. The average return per bot per month is now at 17% per month which is really a crazy number if you ask me.

Our top bots this month are “All You Need”, “Joe Dare Devil”, “Roar of the Tiger” and our new HODL top 15, 35 and 40 bots. They all generated more than 50% return in the last two weeks.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha


Source: The first BOTS millionaire is a fact.


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