Agga Technologies trading-Bots performance per November 2020

Agga Technologisch trading-Bots performance

This is the first Agga Technologisch trading-Bots performance table we publish. On 11 November 2020, the RevenYOU Bots team wrote:

"Dear Community,
Research has shown that the signals from Agga Technologies bots did not arrive properly on the BOTS-platform. This caused these bots (names Mia's) to not function properly. Together with the Agga team we have fixed this. There has been a partial miscommunication between the RevenYOU development Bots team and the Agga team, which caused the errors.
We are continuously changing and optimizing our platform and Agga Technologies do the same for their trading-algorithms. Because of this continuous change and the miscommunication, this problem could occur. RevenYOU apologize for this. The new API will provide optimal and better communication.
The RevenYOU Bots team hope that everyone will give them the confidence, and let the bots perform."

In short this means that the Mia bots did not all perform as expected prior to 11 November. The table above should be read while taking this in to account.  From this date onward  the Return On Investment should be secured, as expected.

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