Profile: Laika and the Quants (LQ), Bots-Creator

Laika and the Quants (LQ)

We are a team of driven individuals with backgrounds in econometrics, quantitative finance, and financial engineering. Combining decades of theoretical literature with practical algorithmic trading experience, our bots possess the optimal fundamentals for success.

Laika and the Quants also have a Discord channel. The company is named after the infamous soviet space-dog: Laika.

The developed bots initially had, the names (search LQ) of historic space missions, each with a specific purpose and state-of-the-art signal generating techniques. So choose a rocket, and let Laika and her team quants guide your portfolio into space!
Currently (Jan 2022) there are 24 LQ Bots.

Laika and the Quants bots team (LQ).

Overview: Tables-Quadrant.



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