My, your BI-Administrator, first BOTS-year. The score.

In the course of 2018, I started following RevenYOU Bots development as being a interesting start-up initiative.

I had a old MultiBit wallet client for Bitcoin and withdrew most of that in August 2020 through Bitvavo. I had earned those Bitcoins from gaming and mining around 2011 onward. I did the mining on (closed down in 2020). This resulted in a few hundred Euro’s at $9000 per Bitcoin.

How could it be otherwise that “The Big Friendly” BOT was one of my first purchases. Not a real bot. Bought from the “old” Bitcoins. That worked out well. No hassle with crypto-wallets but a friendly bot interface. Of course, I was concerned with “real” bots, acting like a personal-asset manager, but with the convenience of the BOTS-Platform.

As I have a progressive visibility problem, not yet a handicap but still, for this reason I did not previously have a smartphone to install the BOTS-App. It’s all just too small for me. Until I realized that visualization, mostly used for games, could be the solution. Actually in the ’70 and ’80 of the previous century, the VM, Virtual Machine, operating system was my first Main Frame experience. So really nothing new.

There is a different way to run the BOTS-App by using Visualization on a PC or Laptop with Windows or iOS on a large screen. You need however a smart phone with a telephone number to initially install the App. After that you can run the BOTS-App on your PC or Laptop with Windows, iOS on MAC. This is why I started late using Bots. Late, being in August 2020. At that time the Bitcoin Bitcoin valued under $12k.

My strategy was simple, buy a number of the most promising bots and see how the perform.  When underperforming, switch to a more promising Bot. In most cases I give it 3 months to 6 months maximum. The exception are my HODL Bots. These Bots are for the long term or for DIY, “do it yourself” trading. The latter is a easy way to trade crypto-coins on the same platform.
If you not go for the max, like me, but for more safety and stability, better hold on for a longer period or do not switch at all.

Most bots have USDT (Tether) as Basecoin and some have BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Etherium) or BNB (Binance Coin) as there Basecoin. Something to be aware of as we learn later.

Unfortunately I soon found out that the Risk Classification (RC) is of little practical use. One important reason being the fact that the RC is dynamic and can change over time, any time. It is an indication that requires some moths of in production. It is not a Bot Creator property but a RevenYOU dynamic risk indicator.

My 3 months of lessons learned triggered me to create the Bots Institute website, the site you are now looking at. One of the most important tips and being the first tip, is number 1. I kept every bot for at least 3 months.
Tip # 1: Bots are not meant to be traded.
This in combination with Footnote 1: The Power of Compounding.

However after one year and one quarter of Bots (Bots Popularity Poll, Q2/Q3-2021 ) and my first year, we all now have more experience. In particular after the serious crypto-marked crash, this approach advice, of not trading with bots, must be relaxed.

The drawback of not trading with bots is that you also increase the risk. By reinvesting your earnings, you can multiply your profits, but you can also lose part or almost everything, your profit and investment quite suddenly.

Many Bots have a problem to timely step out of a coin position (How crash-proof are Bot Creators Bots Poll ). In some cases the yield that a trade makes in combination with a possible loss, accumulated with transaction cost, make it into a loss. This can be so severe that hundreds of percents gain can be transformed into tens percents of loss. Then your buying moment, step-in timing, become crucial!
To prevent this from happening you will have to trade with these specific bots. Not at a daily basis but at least regularly.

In my first year into bots investments I started a total of 34 bots in the first half year. During that first half year I stopped 12 under performing (in my opinion) bots and switched the money to other bots. Currently I run 22 bots and upgraded 2 of them.
In the period August, September, October 2020 there was little coin development, up and down around zero, some gain some losses. Then from mid October the crypto markets grow until quarter-1, 2021. February, March, April beginning May the Bitcoin was around from $45k to $63k. During the 2021 May 19 crash-period I did not change anything in my portfolio (a luxury that I can afford) other than buying some new bots after the 19 May crash.

All of these new bots show deep red (see the picture below) and did not profit after the crash. A number of new Agga bots I started in March/April of 2021, lost part of their yield but all show positive results even after the crash end the horizontal marked development in June and July 2021. A development that also shows in the related Poll (How crash-proof are Bot Creators Bots Poll).

I had the luck to have some Bots trading in BNB and a BNB-Basecoin bot before February 2021. Most of my bots where started before January 2021, with Bitcoin under $30.

My first BOTS year: the score.
BI-Administrator, 1st BOTS-year: point in time ups and downs impression.

At the top of my portfolio, beginning of May 2021, my investment yielded over +400%, including one BNB based bot with upto 2700% gain. The worst case was around 20 July 2021 when my portfolio was down to just +220%. During the first half year the sky was the limit, and not very realistic.

I must admit this is not my pension income. For me this is more a hobby than anything else. As a sport I go for the max and not for the low risk. The first Bots-year, Year To Date (YTD) revenue on 1st of  August 2021 is: +240% in €euro, including four (recently started, 2 in test) negative Bots.
Not bad at all to say the least. Just compare my savings income and the taxes due.

For genuine inverters please start with Purchase Checklist number 1. To sleep well the question is: what amount of money can you afford and feel comfortable to lose?

I think I am relatively active as shown by the numbers of transaction above.
Although we see far too many problems in the BOTS-Discord bug-reports, I have not experienced any problem my self and was always able to buy and sell bots when I wanted to.
Please read this as a disclaimer.  Also see the new Bot Creator Appreciation Score.

Note that it is not yet a full year, we have some weeks to go. However I wanted to publish this post during this month.

Piet, your BI-Admin.

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