Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per April 2021

Boosting Alpha-April 2021

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The month of April was an excellent month for our 48 trading bots.
On average the return on our bots increased with 24,5% in crypto terms (20% in EUR value). This compares very favourably with the price of the Bitcoin which decreased with 5% during the same month.

Our 3 new Dagobert Buck trading bots had a very good first month while the 3 new The Noogieman trading bots unfortunately started the first month with a loss.

Now working hard on new bots for our new brand “Illuminati” where we try to introduce some new trading concepts, again with a focus on high-risk bots (which are generally favoured on the trading platforms).


Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha


Profile: Boosting Alpha (BA) brand update: Illuminati

Today we put our first trading algorithm live under our new brand “Illuminati”.
Illuminati is the name of a secret society founded in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany that still today is linked to ruling the world as a sort of “fourth power”. The name Illuminati refers to the very secret society of quant developers that have been powering winning trading teams around the world in the last 10 to 20 years.

BA-Illuminati brand

Quant algorithms have been powering Flow Traders, Optiver and IMC in the Netherlands, but also internationally firms like Rentech, Citadel, DE Shaw, Two Sigma, AQR and others. The core of these trading algorithms is built by a small, very global but high calibre group of quant developers.

Illuminati is now our fifth brand of trading algoritms, together with Boosting Alpha, The Noogieman, Dagobert Buck and Team Dakar. We aim to launch an additional 10 to 20 new trading algorithms under this new brand in the next 2 to 3 months.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha


The first BOTS (by RevenYOU) millionaire: Boosting Alpha remarks

Boosting Alpha trading-Bots mid April 2021

Where the BOTS platform today put out a press release to have launched its first BOTS millionaire, it is very likely this person became a millionaire thanks to one or more of our trading bots. Our trading bots are experiencing a very good April month already (after the month of March was more stable). This month our bots on average already generated 23% return.

The average return of our bots is now 126% while the average bots lifetime period is probably around 7 to 9 months now. The average return per bot per month is now at 17% per month which is really a crazy number if you ask me.

Our top bots this month are “All You Need”, “Joe Dare Devil”, “Roar of the Tiger” and our new HODL top 15, 35 and 40 bots. They all generated more than 50% return in the last two weeks.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha


Source: The first BOTS millionaire is a fact.


Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per March 2021

Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per February 2021Boosting Alpha trading-Bots performance per March 2021

Again the end-of-month overview of all bots from Boosting Alpha, The Noogieman and Team Dakar.

After 3 very bull months, it was no surprise to see the month of March being a more zig-zag month. This sideways market benefited the bots that make more longer-term trades and bots that trade more often were sometimes put on the wrong foot with the continuous stream of false signals coming from the sideways market.

On average across all of our bots the results have been stable in March in crypto terms with an average increase of 3,7% in Euro terms, primarily caused by the rise of the US dollar versus the Euro.

Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha

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