Battle of the Bots – Final results

Now that Revenyou has come up with their own Bots League (you are welcome for the idea) it is time to publish the final results in my Battle of the Bots league.

In the Battle of the Bots series I have compared the performances of various crypto trading bots (see previous blogs for an explanation and a description of the competing bots. Link at the end of this post). The monthly results of three series of battles between three trading bots of different botcreators could help in deciding which bots or botcreators to choose.

Here are the final results.

Battle of the Bots 1

  1. Top10 Balance 2 bot +163,02%
  2. Sweet Orange Mia bot +63,35%
  3. Power of Pi bot +22,33%

Battle of the Bots 2 (in crypto value)

  1. Joe Daredevil bot +6,36%
  2. DeFi Strategy bot -8,30%
  3. CBS by Altrady bot -26,50%

Because DeFi Strategy bot and CBS by Altrady bot have Bitcoin as their basecoin, and Bitcoin has increased in value over the past three months, these trading bots have increased more in euro value than their USDT based counterparts. USDT (US Dollar stablecoin) has decreased in value compared to the euro.

Battle of the Bots 2 (in euro value)

  1. DeFi Strategy bot +123,42%
  2. CBS by Altrady bot +79,07%
  3. Joe Daredevil bot +2,18%

Battle of the Bots 3

  1. Beetlejuice bot +62,33%
  2. Botzilla bot +5,81%
  3. Dr. Block bot +3,55%

Best crypto trading bots top 3

  1. Top10 Balance 2 bot by Dembots +163,02%
  2. Sweet Orange Mia bot by Agga Technologies +63,35%
  3. Beetlejuice bot by The Noogieman +62,33%

Best euro earning bots top 3

  1. Top10 Balance 2 bot by Dembots +152,79%
  2. DeFi Strategy bot by Dagobert Buck +123,42%
  3. CBS by Altrady bot +79,07%

Battle of the Bots pt. 1

In the Battle of the Bots series I will compare the performances of various bots. The monthly results of three series of battles between three bots of different botcreators will be posted for the next year. The goal is to evaluate the bots performance over a longer period of time, both in winning as well as in decreasing crypto currency markets.

In the first battle the following bots will compete.

  • Power of Pi by Boosting Alpha: This bot scans 7 different coin markets using the mysterious constant value Pi in it’s algorithm. The bot has a calculated cumulative return in 24 months of 94% with a high volatility risk according to the botcreator. Risk level according to the bots app is 8/12.
  • Top 10 Balance 2 by Dembots: A long term steady bot which checks top performing coins with the highest volume every last 30 days. A concept similar to some well proven ETF strategies. The bot won’t win on big spikes, but if the market wins, you win. A high risk bot according to the bots app, 11/12.
  • Sweet Orange Mia by Agga Technologies: A balanced long term risk strategy that only trades Bitcoin. It trades on a small and medium timeframe to ensure it’s ability to react smoothly to moving market trends. Yearly testing results predicted a 2020 performance of 89,47%. A mild risk bot according to the bots app with risk level 7/12.

Let’s get ready to rumble and compare the results of the first month!

Battle of the Bots series pt. 1

In the chart the blue line represents Power of Pi, the orange line Top 10 Balance 2 and the grey line Sweet Orange Mia. The chart shows a steady growth of all three bots until Nov. 21 (day 22 in the chart), mainly because of positions in Bitcoin. On that day altcoin prices, that lagged behind Bitcoin’s growth, exploded and Top 10 balance 2 took advantage with it’s position in the 9 highest volume altcoins besides bitcoin.

All three bots suffered heavy losses on ‘correction day’ Nov. 26. None of them aborted positions in time. Top 10 balance 2 because it isn’t built to decrease positions, the other bots because their algorithms didn’t tell them to. The results in one month are incredible nonetheless if you compare them to an ordinary savings account.

Final score after the first month:

  1. Top 10 balance 2 by Dembots: +45,23%
  2. Sweet Orange Mia by Agga Technologies: +8,26%
  3. Power of Pi by Boosting Alpha: +6,16%

Will Power of Pi regain it’s leading position which it held for most of the month? Will Sweet Orange Mia continue it’s steady growth path and beat Bitcoin in the longer run? And will Top 10 balance 2 be able to hold it’s lead when the market stagnates? More in next months update.

Tomorrow the second battle in the Battle of the Bots series with three new bots. Let me know if you like the battles, or if you have any tips or requests.

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