Bot Creator Appreciation Score

Since the activation of the RevenYOU Trade-Bots-Platform, about just one year ago, imago, reputation and specific qualifications are more important than ever before.
On 19 May 2021 there was a Bitcoin crash and subsequently a crash of the whole crypto-market. This was the first important crash since the lifetime of the Bots platform.

During the weeks after the crash we launched a poll:
How crash-proof are Bot Creator Bots Poll? (described in this post).
Within a few weeks, this Poll showed a trend.
Out of the 28 (now 32) Bot Creators the Top-5 of them got all the casted votes.

A good reason to be able to score the Bot Creators with more nuance than a single number. This appreciation score is about overall quality and has been introduced in the “Bot Creators table” on the Bots Institute website under Menu Technology.

BOT CREATORS Appreciation Score (AS)
Bot Creators table with Appreciation Score (AS)

Appreciation Score (AS)

The following properties or qualities of Bot Creators and their Bots, will be used to create the score.

+++++, 00000, – – – – –
= Positive, unknown or not relevant, Negative.

E.g. +++ 00 or – 0 – 0 +  etc.

The weight of the, currently 5, AS-indicators are very different values per item-set.
The values per distinct item is very personal. Something that you must take into account during your selection and balancing process.

Of course this Appreciation Score is not exact science.
However it should give you an extra handle during your selection and spreading of Bots.
The score is dynamic and will be frequently updated to reflect the actual states.


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