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The goal of Dembots is to offer people an alternative to spread risk. Not offering trade bots, but a bot that has a buy and hold strategy that automatically re-balances your portfolio for you.
I have a one person business, with years of forex- and crypto-trading experience. With both, manual and automated algorithms. I have a degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The current Dembots series is based on the idea of the S&P 500 and similar funds (roughly speaking). The bots buy the top coins (sorted on volume), keep them for a period of 2 weeks (currently). After that period it sells all the coins and re-buys them again, evenly divided. So if you for example start with 50 Euro in Bitcoin and 50 Euro in Ethereum, and this would grow to €55 in Bitcoin and €65 in Ethereum. The bot would sell both coins and then purchase them again for €60 each. This ensures you took a part of the profit you got from your Ethereum spike, and you never invest in one coin specifically. You invest in the general market, if the market raises, your investment raises. This could also be beneficial if a coin has dropped in price. The bot will increase the funds after re-balancing, and if the coin raises back to its old price you profit from that.

The technique utilized is based on machine learning, artificial Intelligence (AI), continuously optimized to, generate optimal risk on Return On Investment (ROI).  Most bots have a meaningful names like ‘Top10’, “Top10”. “Top20” and “Top30”.
Currently all Dembots bots run on the RevenYOU-BOTS-platform.

Demian: “Previously I have developed algorithms.
Currently I am in the process of setting up a company where you can submit your trading strategy/algorithm and we will publish it for you. You do not need to have any experience. All you do is share your strategy and your bank account. Then we pay you a monthly fee for your part of the profit, that comes from the algorithm that you developed and supplied. We do the coding, serving, publishing, backtesting and strategy-optimization (including machine learning models).

⊗ Update 18 december 2020:
The latter service is now available on Dema trading.

DemBots will no longer develop bots under this name but continue the work with a larger team in the company




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