Is Tether the best option as Stable-coin?

Tether Tether (USDT) and  the complexity surrounding stable-coins. TrueUSD  True-USD (TUSD) Bridging the Network Gap between Traditional Money and Digital Value.

There are roughly 10 different stable coins (USDT, USDC, TrueUSD, EUR etc.) but the issue is that all other stable-coins do not have any relevant volume. If there is no trading volume, we cannot use it for trading-bots with lots of capital on it. If you only invest € 500-1000 on it those options might be good. If capital gets much bigger those stable-coins are basically not an option right now.

The USDT discussion has been going on for years. It is not new. And it is also clear that the Central Banks around the world all want to issue their own stable-coins in the digital world. So a big part of the USDT controversy is created by the politics from “competing” Central Banks.

Do you think the ECB or the FED would have all EUR or USD covered with gold bars? So we will see where this goes.
Once other stable-coins are getting more trading volumes, we will definitely introduce trading-bots on those pairs. We already have bots on BTC-based pairs. ETH-pairs are too small right now.

Thanks to Roy Lenders, Boosting Alpha.

PS: There are currently only three bots with ETH as their base-coin. Most Bots are based on USDT and some in BTC and BNB. The only UWC (Uwezocoin) based bot was withdrawn. In the Selection & Spreading table the columns can be easily sorted to this purpose.



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